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Bee Hock Guan

Specialises in barbeque meat, Bee Hock Guan also offers a wide variety of snacks.
Mon - Sun: 09:00 am - 10:00 pm
+65 62566666

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28 Jan 2011 • 21 reviews • 0 follower

The CNY Seasonal Food "Bak Gua"

Was the first time trying it and from the recommendation just know that it is a very old brand, i brought 3 packet of 500G to try it out and as gift.

Top part slices was kinda shredded to my liking, remember those time when you just wanted a quick bite but not the whole piece? that was why bee cheng hiang came up with those little bite size vacuumed pack.

First bite tasted slightly dry, but after chewing for a while the flavour started coming out. Was not too sweet as compared to others where after one piece the side of your tongue start to feel the overdose of sweetness.
This bak gua is light but flavorful, i couldnt stop tearing of the sides as smaller size makes your feel like eating more?

Usually sliced bak gua are known to be hard and elderly teeth unfriendly, but this sliced pork didnt need much of a effort to consume. More reviews & pictures @
13 Jan 2010 • 884 reviews • 2 followers

Yummy BBQ pork

BBQ pork outlet that my mum loves to frequent during CNY. Not only do they do not exhorbitantly increase their prices during this 'hot' period, their sliced pork BBQ meats are pretty tender and charred slightly. The outlet also sells fluffy pork floss that goes very well with porridge. Service was passable.