#05-02, OCBC Centre, 65 Chulia Street, 049513
Asian, Chinese, Hokkien
+65 65337708

Daily: 11:30 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

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Beng Thin Hoon Kee is a chinese restaurant that serves delicious signature Hokkien dishes, in a comfortable environment, and with decent service.

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五香虾枣 Fried Prawn Rolls
五香虾枣 Fried Prawn Rolls
蚝煎 Oyster Omelette
蚝煎 Oyster Omelette

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Nice Simple 3pax Dinner

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 376

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went back to being Thin for dinner. we only 3pax, so just ordered their signature dishes = oyster egg, crabmeat fishmaw soup & sea cucumber duck. 
was last here for a 10pax dinner on 23.12.2013, was pretty ok too, satisfying.
#1 the crabmeat fishmaw was a bit low on crabmeat. somehow it was not as tasty as before. 
#2 the orh jian (蚝煎) – very crispy oyster egg – was every bit as enjoyable (as always!) so much so i decided to try it at home myself. 
#3 sea cucumber duck was also great. duck meat was soft not sinewy & sea cucumber & soup combination with the duck was quite good. there was a bit of tomatoes & celery. great dish. 
there was a 15% discount for UOB cards. we paid S$77 nett after discount, quite ok for the 3 substantial dishes for 3pax.

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Overpriced and food just not good enough

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Review: 1

Service was good, but food aint. We paid $435 for 6 pax for a chinese dinner set meal for 6 + another 2 side dishes
 We had 8 dishes:
 1) Yu Sheng
 2) Fish Maw Soup
 3) Fried Cod Fish
 4) Prawn
 5) Fried meat roll / Hai Zhou
 6) Hokkien noodle
 7) Kong ba Bao
 8) Oyster Omelette (add on)
 9) Dessert of almond tofu
 Sounds like alot right? Each pax probably had a bowl of soup, 2 piece of hai zhou, 1 bowl of noodle, 1 piece of prawn, 1 piece of kong ba bao, 1 small piece of fried cod fish and shared the oyster omelette.
 I understand it might be more expensive cause it is chinese new year, but the portion first of all is small and 2ndly the food really isnt that great. Food were served cold, oily and taste werent that good at all.
 Really wouldnt recommend based on the pricing, but even if it is not chinese new year, i would have 2nd thoughts going for a simple meal.
 Beng Hiang previously which was located at telok ayer was way way better and price is much lower.
 Reviewing this restaurant as a neutral. Really unable to find any positive points other than the service.
 Food is a goner.

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Bad service and unhygienic waiters

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Restaurant gave us a table for 10pax right under an aircon with a strong draft. Ordinarily this would be a big problem except that the vent was blowing strong cold air directly at the glass rotating table! Repeatedly highlighted our concerns to the waiter in charge but she simply said that nothing could be done.

I wonder whether any of the restaurant staff would find dining under the same conditions acceptable to them. Our hot food would get cold in less than a minute or two.

If it was just that I would have probably held off on a review.

Unfortunately I spotted their waiter dropping a serving knife that was to be used on one of our dishes on the floor. He simply picked it up and used a tissue paper to clean it rather than getting a new knife. He obviously thought that nobody saw his mistake. After I told him to change the knife he said "yes I know" and he put on a very unhappy face for the rest of the evening.

The food and price was average, nothing special. But you should keep away from the restaurant because of the terrible service and hygiene standards.

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Satisfying 10pax Dinner

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 376

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organiser of this months’ G10 dinner picked beng thin hoon kee. the hokkien restaurant started in 1949 & moved to its current premises at ocbc centre rooftop carpark in 1979. the founder, a lim yew hoon, recently passed on at 91, after building a very successful restaurant from scratch. it is a restaurant my wife liked & we used to go often in the past. 

we had 10pax for the evening & had a nice quiet corner, good for the restaurant really as we were usually the noisy lot. anyway being thin was less than 1/2 full this evening on 23.12.2013.

the organiser pre-orders 9 dishes.

we started with the signature duck salad (top photo). this was really a great creation. it’s like a cny “loh hae”, looked wonderful & tasted refreshingly good every time. i took this countless times & enjoyed always. 

next we had another signature dish – crabmeat fish maw soup. its chokeful of ingredients & well, tasted good every time! 

my friend ordered the skewered prawns. this was something i had never tried. prawns were just prawns & mostly fresh & good, but these were really good & tasty. i know a many friends like le chasseur’s version skewered prawns. for me though these were a lot larger & tastier. 

the claypot herbal chicken was next. i had not taken this dish too. usually i would go for the sea cucumber duck. it was good though, nice herbal flavour & a tender, tasty chicken. it was not my favourite however, i will always go for the duck. 

and wow, we had 2 servings of the steamed promfret. it was really good, as good as any good teochew restaurant. few os us ate up the four 1/2 fishheads. my friend knew the entire table consisted of hungry big eaters!

after all the meat dishes, we had a broccoli. ok, competent dish.

then it was the carb, a seafood mee such. another nice competent dish.

the org nee was ok average, had pumpkin not oily & not “pang” aka tasty, maybe because of…haha! :-)

missed my sea cucumber duck & crispy oyster egg, but then we had too much food for 10pax already. it was actually intended for 12pax but 2 could not make it. $52nett per pax was kind of ex for this restaurant, but we had 2 promfrets & skewered large prawns.

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