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Back to Bibigo#03-08/09, Nex Shopping Mall, 23 Serangoon Central
Hoongy !
 • 05 Feb 2014 1871 reviews 257 followers
Who says that healthy food cannot taste good, and offered at a good price too? Bibigo does all three.

Located at Nex Mall, this outlet serves a variety of healthy sets that costs less than $10.

I tried a few of them, and the one I would go for would be the Bibigo Rice, which consists of lots of healthy yet tasty salad on brown rice.

For those looking for something a little more hearty, there is the Korean pancake, which has a nice crisp with generous portions of seafood.

Finally, the really indulgent would do well with the pork belly, which really melts in the mouth.

For dessert, the place offers a variety of ice cream to have. A light way to end the hearty meal.
I also recommend this place for:
Children/Family, Dinner, Healthy Eating, Large Groups, Lunch
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