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Trying the Chicken Dum Briyani

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 687

I been here a few weeks ago and I had a craving over the weekend, so I came by for lunch.


I last had the baby lamb biryani. So this time round, I ordered the Chicken Briyani, which cost $8.50.


I also had the Mango Lassi: $4. This was vacuum sealed in a plastic cup, just like bubble tea.


To end, I had the Kulfi: $2.50. This was a small cup with an ice cream stick stuck on one end. Pull the ice cream out from the cup and enjoy. It’s packed with crushed pistachio nuts at the top and the middle of the ice cream. The kulfi is milky in taste and reminds me of condensed milk.


A good meal and I enjoyed it a lot. 

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Avoid Avoid and avoid

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Worst place to eat...Arrogant people serving..Not that great biryani to show tha arrogance...theit arrogance makes u lose ur interest in eating there ..not a hygienic place as well..Avoid this...lot of other good places around ! 

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strictly for people who love only biryani

Food/Drink 4 | Value 2 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

Well I had a sudden craving for biryani and have heard quite a lot about this place from friends..

1. The ambience is not even worth to be described looked like a old shabby mess.. It is very easy to miss this place owing to its size and poor hoading placement.

2. The place seems to be quiet busy and occupied so dont expect a great service getting your food served in 10 minutes itself a gresat service :P

3. The food is slightly priced higher compared to other places (chicken biryani costs 8.50 $  Mango lassie 4$)

4. The food consistency is good 

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A bad Excuse for briyani...

Total Review: 1

I travelled to several countries (including India) and am proud to say that I hve tried many different versions of briyani before. Bismillah Briyani probably falls in the last of the very last in my "good briyani" list. Firstly, I alway get suspicious when my food comes to me too quickly; I served my chicken briyani in less than a minute! While I understand that briyani take really long to cook and it probably takes more the presence of more kitchen staff, like that of in the bigger restaurants we have in Singapore, the price and the service do not match.

The taste cannot justify the price as well. The meat in the briyani was very little and tasteless. Also, the rice had only occational hints of pepper and curry leaves. The yogurt tasted a little old and the smell was not right.

Unfortunately, my experience was not good at all. My friend paid $15 for the baby lamb briyani. the taste of which, does not justify the pricing. I would rather spend my money on a briyani from a coffeeshop that costs much less and taste much better. Also, calling this the best briyani in Singapore is an insult to briyani in itself.

All in all, this is just a product of marketing gone right. I strongly do not recommend people to eat here. This is a bad excuse for briyani.

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I would rather give my money to a magician and watch it disappear

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

After hearing about the apparently mouthwatering biryani, I decided to try this place out. The shabby look of the place did not put me off. But in this case, one should judge a book by its cover. I got there before the lunch time crowd and managed to get a seat. My order was taken by a waiter who only spoke in grunts. But language is not a prerequisite of good biryani. Since they specialise in Biryani, there is no option to order any other type of dish. It is also explicitly stated that curry is not served with your dish. One can only assume they are using the savings from this to invest in R&D for better Biryani.  I ordered the chicken varient of the Biryani which came roughly 8 seconds later putting Macdonals and other fast foods to shame. 

The dish was blend and had about the same taste as a packet of expired twisties. Each mouthful was a struggle. My tastebuds were sanded down to almost non existance by poor selection of spices in the Biryani. Nevertheless I managed to finish the dish. The bad experience did not end there. While I was recovering from my ordeal, The waiter started granting and gesturing which I interpreted as having to leave as I was taking up precious space. 

I would advice anyone who is not intending to participate on fear factor not to fall for their claims of serving the best Biryani. 7-11 Sells some excellent microwavable Biryani for half the price and the cashiers speak excellent english. 

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