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Review for Petals & Leaves Bistro


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Address: 240 Neo Tiew Crescent, 718898
29 Mar 2014 • 498 Reviews • 7 Followers

Enchanting and dreamy setting!

We visited another secluded hidden gem in the west, an enchanted little garden I did not know existed. Welcome to Bistro Gardenasia at Nyee Phoe Garden. From its exotic lakeview reflecting the serene of the restaurant lights to the lit-up green trees, Bistro Gardenasia exudes beauty from entrance to exit. The effect is fairy garden c** romantic, need I rave more about the ambience?   We chose alfresco dining so we could immerse in the scenic setting, and let the breezes soothe us on a warm night. The water vapour filled the place with a dreamy charm, giving it a heady sense of charm. After browsing through the fusion menu where they served interesting stuff such as fresh Wild Rocket Orange Salad, Nicoise Salad with Quail Eggs, Hokkien Mee Pasta, Mee Goreng Pasta etc. we placed our order with the amicable staff.   The Grilled Rosemary Chicken with Mushroom Sauce - farmfresh chicken leg seasoned with rosemary and herbs. Tender chicken leg that combined juiciness with hints of smokiness, fragrant with the exotic flavor of rosemary and saltish tinge of mushroom sauce.   Then we had the Chargrilled Rib-Eye Hor Fun - east meet west in this unique dish with tender chargrilled ribeye steak and hor fun noodles. The result? A swooning good slab of succulent and tasty beef steak atop smooth hor fun, producing a delicacy that was very pleasing to the teeth and tongue.   Having completed the savoury dishes, we were game for desserts, thus we shared a Warm Chocolate Lava Cake - tantalising rich chocolate delight served with single scoop vanilla ice-cream. While the chocolate cake was indeed rich in its chocolate splendour, we we slightly disappointed with the "lava" did not ooze out of the center when we speared the cake. The chocolate fudge stayed in the center, giving the cake an extra ounce of sweetness.   For more detailed information and photos, do visit:

Must Tries
Rosemary chicken, Ribeye hor fun
Recommended for
Anniversary, Chillout, Dinner, Nice Deco
Average Spend
$30 for 1 pax
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