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Blanco Court Food Centre at Old Airport Road is one of the most famous kway chap stores in Singapore. Be prepared to queue for more than 20 minutes in order to savour on generous servings of fresh pig offal and silky smooth kway chap.

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Very very nice kway chap

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 372

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The salted vegetables wasn’t too salty so it was very appetising. Yummy!

The pork lean meat’s super soft!

Most importantly, the kway’s very slippery and the soup’s very hot and not too salty as well.

I didn’t tried the chilli though……

Usually has a long queue and starts selling only around 12 noon sharp.

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Totally worth the hype

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 658

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Go early, it opens at 11am, and a 15-min-long queue had formed by 11.05am when we arrived on a Saturday morning.

While some have lamented that the quality has gone down over the decades, I found it perfectly lovely and delicious. While most kway chap are redolent of robust heavy herbs, this was harmoniously delicate and nuanced.

It's super value-for-money too...a very substantial set to stuff 2 persons to the gills costs just $16.30. 

I customised our kway chap platter with Large Intestines ($4), Beancurd ($0.80), Braised Egg ($0.70), and Pork Belly ($5), all of which were scrumptious and slathered in a delicate soy-based gravy layered with subtle accents of cinnamon and star anise. The innards were squeaky clean and they had a delightfully chewy texture. 

The Pig's Trotters ($5) were moist and tender enough, but we thought the gravy should have been thicker, richer and more heady, to balance out the full-bodied nature of the trotters. 

The kueh ($0.40 for small) was smooth as silk, but for big eaters, I suggest you opt for the bigger portion.

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Blanco Court Food Centre (3rd Storey)Kway Chap - One of the best Kway Chap

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Though this food centre is one of the biggest in Singapore, locating the stall is not that difficult, just look for the longest queue and you will most likely find yourself standing in front of the stall. We often saw the snaking line and gave it a pass. Still, our glutton nature won out in the end. We had to find out: why is this kway chap worthy of a 30 minute wait?   $18.50, that was how much we spent to try the food, as we ordered most of the items available on the menu.   The bowl of kway chap has the right texture of chewiness and softness, and a dousing of the braised dark sauce proved to be a good complement to the bowl of soupy kway. Everyone of us enjoyed all the items ordered.   This is one of the best Kway Chap we have eaten.   Interested to find out the Top Best 4 Kway Chap in Singapore? Please refer for details.

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