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Hot Ice Cream Man

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 375

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The main attraction of the ice kalim shop is - the hot man. Seriously. He's a man in his 40s, not a boy, looks a bit like Tay Ping Hui, but with a broader and more masculine face. Older than Tay Ping Hui, but definitely more attractive. And when he spoke, I was blown away. I thought he's just a hokkien beng but he spoke with immaculate thick English in his deep sonorous voice. Very charismatic, sexy and friendly too.

But to tell the truth, I wanted his number only to give to Hookerlily because in my heart, there is only space for a little person. 14K brought me here because he knew I wanted ice cream after eating at Peperoni. He didn't put it that way, he just said he wanted ice cream. And I thought, he didn't even have sweet teeth, and then it took me 2 seconds to realize he was doing it for me. I can be so dense.

The next best thing, after the man, and after trying Mao Shan Wang ice kalim, Lychee Mint, and Ferrero--again 14K took two flavors because of me but he didn't say it--I think the lychee mint was so-so, the Ferrero was too bitter for my sweet heart, but the Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice kalim was the bomb. It smelt so strongly of durian that my entire breath stank. It's like more durian than ice kalim! 14K hates durian so I forced him to kiss me after I ate 4 mints and still, I think he puked a little in his mouth. I have sore throat every time after I eat durian, and today, I woke up with my throat vulnerable, that's how potent the ice kalim is. Infinitely better than the durian ice kalim at Udders.

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Most helpful reviews for (Closed) Blic Ice Cream Cafe (Tampines)

A gem in the east!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 21

I met up with Harris last weekend where we had an excellent wood-fired pizza at Al Forno. But before that, let’s head over to his favourite ice-cream cafe that is located right in the heartland of Tampines!


The vibrant colours of the BLIC (Ben & Larry’s Ice-cream Cafe) are noticeable even from a far distance. And I’m surprised that the cafe was pretty crowded when we reached there at around 9pm. Before we knew it, the queue starts forming up!

Ferrero was deliciously nutty with a strong hazelnut flavour. I adore it but wished that there are more crunch in the ice-cream. Perhaps with some wafer biscuit so that it taste even more like ferrero rocher? Hehe. Time for Larry to do more experiments!

The Chunky Peanutella was definitely the best I’ve tasted. It was so rich in flavour with chunks of chocolate and peanut bits. This is certainly my favourite. Besides, the two flavours were such a terrific combination when eaten together! Just imagine eating ferrero with peanut butter, this was sooo good.

I came for their Tiramisu too, which Harris highly recommended. I was happily indulging in my 2 scoops of ice-cream when Harris informed me that Ben was going to make for us a Ti-ra-misu! I almost choked on my 2 scoops of ice-cream as I'm sure I’m pretty full at that point of time. However, this wonderful treat is definitely worth the wait and calories.

My eyes beamed with delight when the Tiramisu was brought over to us. It was seriously hard not to fall in love with it. BLIC’s rendition of Tiramisu really tastes like the real thing except that they replaced mascarpone cream with their tiramisu ice-cream. Layer of tiramisu ice-cream, layer of moist savoiardi biscuit and a dash of cocoa powder completes this delicate dessert. Without doubt, the tiramisu ice-cream paired beautifully with the bacadi-infused (yes, you heard me right – barcadi) savoiardi and they managed to balance the alcohol level of this dessert very well. It was simply heavenly.

The tiramisu is not on the menu yet as they are still thinking how to price it. But from what I heard from Ben, there had been positive feedbacks on their tiramisu, based on those who had already tried it. Just like what I just mentioned earlier on, “It’s hard not to fall in love with it!” Please let this wonderful dessert be on the menu soon!

I am so glad that the east has one more ice-cream parlour worth going for, with the smooth & creamy unique flavours like SCaM (comprising of soursop, calamansi and martini) or Mexican Vanilla and the popular choices of Ferrero, Blackie and Durian king. Besides, their ice-cream is pretty light like Tom's Palette and they uses all-natural ingredients as well. And as a new player in this market, I can see that they already have a group of royal fans. If you are willing to travel to the east, this is one good ice-cream cafe you should not miss!

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Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Close

Total Review: 1

Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed! Outlet Closed!

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Not coming back

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I am honestly quite surprised at the positive reviews Blic got as my own experiences at the place have been far from pleasant. The ice-cream and ambience were ok, but it was the service standard that could do with a whole lot of improvement.

I bought a few vouchers for the place as it looked quite promising and I thought it could be a good place for my friends and I to hang out in the future.

During my first visit, there were two staff at the store - a man and a lady. The man got up from a table at the side and gave my friend and I a blank expression. There was no smile and he just looked at us like he was bored and would rather be elsewhere, making both of us feel very unwelcome.

We placed our orders but because I didn't read the fine print we were limited to just single scoops and beverages. When we tried to order waffles and double scoops, the man just kept saying that it was not in the voucher and did not offer us alternative suggestions. In the end, my friend and I found a "loophole" and bought two single scoops. I just wished that the man could have suggested that instead of just saying no. He was curt and didn't say thank you.

I would have dismissed it as a one-off incident, but the second visit sealed my opinion.

I did some research online before visiting again (as I had some more vouchers left) and found out that the man who served us on the first visit was the owner. I was shocked because I've worked in the service industry and it is always, always the management/owner who has the best attitude and gives the best service.

On the second visit, I brought along my teenage cousins and sister. The same man was still there but did not smile or greet us when we went in, though the place was empty.

We bought six single scoops, but since there were four of us the man gave us four spoons. I was paying for the balance amount when my cousin came up to the counter and asked if he could have more spoons. Instead of obliging and giving it to us with no questions asked (As what many other eating and dessert places would do), the man asked in what I felt was a condescending tone "But there's only four of your right. Why do you need a few more?"

To me that was the last straw because it was just another few plastic spoons. The service was already almost non-existent and his response was unexpected. I've asked for friends' opinions and they said they will just let it slide off their backs but for me, I guess it's because it was an accumulation of all the unsatisfactory incidents that I felt angry. In the end he gave my cousin two more spoons after giving me a look.

On the way out, we saw an advertisement for a scooper for the place. The requirements include being "not male, loves ice-cream, loves to talk and loves to smile". I found the irony of the last two amusing.

In the end, I gave my remaining voucher to a friend as I didn't want to go back.

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Out of way for ice-cream lovers

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 57

This ice-cream stall is located below a HDB flat along Tampines Ave 4. It is certainly meant to attract the kids and residents around that area. Having said that, this ice-cream parlour attracted me from Pasir Ris to try.

I am an ice-cream lover myself and I like to try ice-cream of innovative flavours. There are quite enough flavours for a small shop like Blic though I will hope there are more. They have the classics and Premium flavours with some of it alcholic ones. I eventually tried sea-salt malt and black sasame which taste very different.

The ice-cream is soft enough, not too sweet and not too overpowering flavour. I purchased a pint back home but was told that I cannot mix 2 flavours in it which is a bit unfortunate because I want bring home to my wife to try some of their different flavours.

I was there in the evening and small pocket of students were enjoying their gathering. Nice and spacious place for bigger groups. I believe the rental should be lower than shopping centres and thats why they can have so many seats in the shop.

Hope the owner will keep up the good work. I will visit you again...

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