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Back to (Closed) Blic Ice Cream Cafe#01-23, 802 Tampines Avenue 4
 • 06 May 2011 375 reviews 31 followers
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The main attraction of the ice kalim shop is - the hot man. Seriously. He's a man in his 40s, not a boy, looks a bit like Tay Ping Hui, but with a broader and more masculine face. Older than Tay Ping Hui, but definitely more attractive. And when he spoke, I was blown away. I thought he's just a hokkien beng but he spoke with immaculate thick English in his deep sonorous voice. Very charismatic, sexy and friendly too.

But to tell the truth, I wanted his number only to give to Hookerlily because in my heart, there is only space for a little person. 14K brought me here because he knew I wanted ice cream after eating at Peperoni. He didn't put it that way, he just said he wanted ice cream. And I thought, he didn't even have sweet teeth, and then it took me 2 seconds to realize he was doing it for me. I can be so dense.

The next best thing, after the man, and after trying Mao Shan Wang ice kalim, Lychee Mint, and Ferrero--again 14K took two flavors because of me but he didn't say it--I think the lychee mint was so-so, the Ferrero was too bitter for my sweet heart, but the Mao Shan Wang Durian Ice kalim was the bomb. It smelt so strongly of durian that my entire breath stank. It's like more durian than ice kalim! 14K hates durian so I forced him to kiss me after I ate 4 mints and still, I think he puked a little in his mouth. I have sore throat every time after I eat durian, and today, I woke up with my throat vulnerable, that's how potent the ice kalim is. Infinitely better than the durian ice kalim at Udders.

I spent $5 per person.

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