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Reviews for Bombay Cafe (Syed Alwi Rd)


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Address: 79 Syed Alwi Road, 207658
09 Jan 2014

Bombay Cafe - Interesting Decor, Good food

Of the various Indian restaurants available in Singapore, Bombay Cafe holds a special spot for two reasons. It has the name Bombay in it… and it serves two of my favourite Indian snacks… Samosa’s and Wada Pav! So that night we decided to go Indian and dined at Bombay Cafe.

The Bombay Cafe décor often brings a smile. The shocking pink décor is to say the least unique. It isn’t my personal taste… but it does take some real conviction to create this sort of décor. And you know what… it works!

If their décor is impressive, so is their food. And my husband seems to think so even more, because it is a pure vegetarian restaurant! Here’s what we tried…

[1] Aam Panna
[2] Khaman Dhokla
[3] Samosa
[4] Paneer Achari
[5] Malai Kofta
[6] Rotis

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Must Tries
Aam Panna, Samosa
Average Spend
$65 for 2 pax
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Decent priced below average food

As compared to my last visit the quality of food has been dwindled. We had hot and sour soup which was very spicy and not tasty. Then we tried veg cutlet  it was very average and was not cooked properly. We were bit satisfied with the Veg fried rice at last. The ambience was good but the service was bad.

Bombay Cafe Review - Bollywood Inspired Indian Place

The full review is here -

So, here it goes! We ordered a Gobi Manchurian (dry) for starters. It was crispy yet soft on the interior, and very peppry spicy. One word - Must try!

 Like any self respecting Indian, I love Indian inspired chinese food. I heard Indian Wok above also serves tasty food. There is a good choice of sizzlers choices for maincourse. We ordered the Kebab Platter Sizzler.

The paneer is probably in house done, it was amazingly soft. Though they could have gone a little easy on those colours. No, I did not do bad contrast correction - it was that orange looking. The sizzler comes on a jeera rice bed, along with rotis. There was some more gobi, some vegetable kebab and a potato - besan based kebab ( for want of a better description).I took a snap with the rotis, but it looks all steamy with the sizzler smoke.

We had lemon based drinks - a soda and a shikanjvi ( a lemon drink with loads of chat masala and amchur). They had a impressive dessert menu, falooda et all. Next time :)