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Discreetly tucked away among shophouses, diners here can’t help but feel like they were the first to discover the place. Named after a Philippine revolutionary, Bonifacio sets the bar for Filipino restaurants in Singapore with its clean, spotless interiors, modern artworks and two efficient wait staff.

What others are eating here

tuna sisig
tuna sisig
sinigang na baboy
sinigang na baboy
green mango shake
green mango shake
  • Boni Halo-Halo 3 votes
  • Daing na Bangus 3 votes
  • Bagnet Kare Kare (roast pork with peanut sauce) 1 vote
  • Tokwat baboy 1 vote
  • egg with brinjal on minced pork 1 vote
  • pork sinigang 1 vote
  • pork sisig 1 vote
  • sinigang na hipon 1 vote

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Oh My Gulay! for only $6.95!

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 375

For photos, please visit Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow.

I love how innovative the names of Filipino restaurants are. The one I went to previously is called 7107 flavours because of the number of islands in Philippines. Bonifacto is the revolutionary hero for Philippines's independence.

For the main courses, Mr NGFL and I ordered: Pork Sisig ($9.95); Pugad Laing and Oh My Gulay! ($6.95)

Pork Sisig, which is pork belly/lard on a hotplate, was crispy and delicious! Tasted very similar to fried carrot cake.

The dish of the day is Pugad Laing, taro leaves braised in coconut milk with bits of lard topped with garlic prawns. Personally, I think the prawns are a lousy excuse to up the price of the dish because the main star here is the vegetables. This is probably one of the few vegetables dishes to give you a heart attack - but ooh so worth the heart bypass operation. The leaves were so soggy in sweet and creamy coconut milk - and then suddenly, the crunch of lard broke the monotony of just vegetables. WIN.

I regretted ordering Oh My Gulay! I ordered it because the name was so cool, comes with an exclamation mark!!! I bet "Oh My Gulay!" is what Pinoy pornstars scream out as they climax. But the dish was disappointing, the eggplant, lady fingers, string beans, etc were too hard and bland, and even the pork belly was hard and tasteless.

There was a choice of four kinds of rice: plain, garlic, adobo, and bagoong. I made it a point to ask what adobo and bagoong were because I have responsibility on this blog - but I forgot. Sorry. Being adventurous, although the waitress recommended plain rice, I ordered adobo, since they are all the same price. I don't think the rice would make a difference. Tasted ordinary.

We were so stuffed but I never go without desserts and I refuse to share:Boni Halo-halo ($6.95); Leche Flan ($3.95).

I had the Boni Halo-Halo which is basically all their desserts mixed in one bowl: there were sweetened banana, macapuno string (a nut-fruit that looks like coconut, but sweeter), nata and beans, milk sorbet, leche flan (caramel custard), ube halaya (purple yam) and ice cream. That is a whole lot of desserts all in one! BUT unfortunately, it tasted terrible. All the sweetness neutralized one another so there wasn't a distinct taste, and the bananas were hard--well, I like hard BANANAS but not hard bananas.

Mr. NGFL ordered leche flan (caramel custard), which I didn't taste because I had it at the last Filipino restaurant. It still wasn't enough for him! So he ordered: Banana Turon ($4.95). It's fried popiah with banana stuffing and caramel sauce on top. This is the bomb! Finally, a good Filipino dessert. It was crispy without being oily, warm, the caramel complimented the banana. Very wonderful.

The server was prompt and polite. The place was very quiet on a weekday night, only us and another table of Filipino girls. Soft dimmed lights, good for romance. The lights were so dimmed, I didn't notice the decor much, but it is a cozy little nook. The food has its hits and misses. Mr. NGFL prefers this restaurant to 7107 flavours, saying it is more homely. Strangely, if based on food alone, I'd prefer 7107. But 7107 is too crowded and you have to wait for the service, and not the servers waiting on you. (ps: I feel like I'm having a heart attack from all the fat food just by writing this review.)

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Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 56

Full review with pics at:

Filipino food is a wonderful secret here in Singapore. There are very few restaurants and even fewer who make the food this good. Bonifacio is named after the Filipino hero Bonifacio who I believe rebelled against the Spanish after studying in Europe.

The staff here are all friendly and there is typically one or two tables still available each time we go. They sometimes have live music but I've never been here for it.

We have tried a number of their dishes buy my personal favorite is their tokwat baboy. This dish has crispy deep fried pork belly and crispy deep fried tofu mixed with a thin sauce of soy sauce and vinegar plus bell peppers and onions. This is what this dish should taste like, just perfect.

Their kare kare is good but made with pork belly again instead of oxtail like it should. Their sinigang tastes salty and sour and their sisig is good but not as good as kamayan.

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Great Quality / Price...but order before

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 2

Filipina food...did not usually sound exciting ;) ... but this is a good place to change your mind.

If you do not order are going to wait a lot

At lunch time, you really have to order or it takes 30mn minimum before you get your food.

Good service, nice people, variety of food, almost 100% home-made, great value.

Better for group dinner / lunch.

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