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Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 15:00

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Dinner (24 votes), After Work (20 votes), Lunch (19 votes) ...

A popular restaurant with a full slate of Japanese food on the menu, this is a good place for bento sets and other hearty meals.

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Chirashi Bento Set
Chirashi Bento Set
Ladies' Set
Ladies' Set
  • Chirashi Sushi Set 3 votes
  • Bento Sets 2 votes
  • Dinner sets! 2 votes
  • Nagasaki Chanpon 2 votes
  • The Bento sets 2 votes
  • botan bento 2 votes
  • kaisen don 2 votes
  • AGEMOCHI 1 vote
  • Bento Set 1 vote
  • Chirashi Zushi 1 vote
  • Hot Plate beanvurd with mushroom 1 vote
  • See Pict to decide 1 vote
  • Sets 1 vote
  • Unagi Set 1 vote
  • Yaki Tori Items 1 vote
  • all the bento sets... and the hand-rolls too. 1 vote
  • chirashi bento 1 vote
  • nagasaki saradon 1 vote
  • negitoro donburi 1 vote
  • sashimi 1 vote
  • soba n tempura bento 1 vote
  • uni sushi (cheap!) 1 vote

Latest Review for Botan Japanese Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 36 reviews
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Japanese Dishes with a Homey Attitude

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 285

Full Review:
I thought I would find Botan Shrimp on the menu but I didn't. Hah...but this Japanese restaurant serves up pretty delicious dishes that taste very close to those you find in Japanese homes. On the dinner menu, you'll find a list of Dinner Sets, ala carte sashimi, Yakitori, porridge, soba, sushi, tofu, tempura, etc.
 The Gyunikyu Jagaimo is a flavourful simple beef stew with the caramelized sweetness of onions and carrots. Soft, creamy yet not spammed with too much mayonnaise. The Tamago yaki takes semblance after dashi-maki, served warm and significantly less sweeter. I felt short-changed on the Stir-fry Beef with Leeks as the greens were in shortage and the dish was too oily. And I'm sure most Japanese housewives would raise opposition towards this.

Though being cruelly severed into slices, the Unagi Kabayaki ($15) remained a crowd pleaser with its fatty tissues that gave a full, tantalizing mouthfeel. If you love potato salad, then you should try the version here at $8 as it is probably the best I've come accords in Singapore. Not to forget the light low-calorie supper food Tofu Mentaiko; anything hardly goes wrong if you throw in some mentaiko and this is no exception :)

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Jap cuisine at a quiet alley

Total Reviews: 316

I wouldn't have know this place, if not, my friend kept on telling us about it.  That we should go to this place to have dinner, not so crowded, nice ambience and for dinner set menu value-for-money.

When we were at there, we took turn to decide what to order for the set. As there were quite a number of choices.  Easy for me to choose, rather, I won't order for rice set.  So I ended up with soba.  With my fave and fresh sashimi, what a nice dinner we had.

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Value-for-money Japanese Sets

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 170

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I have been to Botan on two separate occasions- once for lunch and once for dinner. On both times I was there, the restaurant was not packed but had a fair amount of patrons dining. I actually enjoyed the fact that the place was not overcrowded so I could dine comfortably and at my own pace. 

Botan has a variety of set meals for lunch and dinner. If I did not remember wrongly, the set meals are priced the same regardless of whether you are there for lunch or dinner. Prices range from $22 to about $35.

I had the Ladies Set which is one of the more expensive sets (about $30+). It came with California Maki Roll, Chawanmushi, Sashimi, Ramen, Tempura, Salad and Icecream. This set really has a little of everything. Usually, you would think that Ladies Set is probably smaller in portion but, the Ladies Set here is otherwise.

The Chirashi Set is pretty alluring as well with not only fresh sashimi but a mixture of sides such as Oden that provides a good balance with raw sashimi. The best thing of the Chirashi Set I would say is the generous portion of roe on the rice.    The Tempura in Botan is also another must try as it is fried to perfection. Even when the tempura was not eaten piping hot, it was crisp and delicious.

Overall, I feel that Botan is a hidden gem amidst the CBD area. This place serves value-for-money, authentic and quality Japanese food. It is suitable for business dinners as well as large group gatherings. For those who are looking for a place for good Japanese food yet want to avoid the crowds, do give Botan a try!   

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