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Review for Botan Japanese Restaurant


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22 Dec 2013 • 145 Reviews • 3 Followers

Value for money lunch sets, quality food!

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The menu consists of the usual lunch sets, sashimi platter, ala carte dishes such as karage and maki rolls. Spoilt for choice and not the best performer when it comes to making food decisions, we both decided to take the easy option of lunch sets.

Each of the lunch sets comes complete with an appetiser of marinated fish niblets, serving of sashimi,chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), bowl of rice, miso soup, potato and chicken cutlet. Not forgetting two slices of orange, of course.

The sashimi was almost melt-in-your-mouth quality with the tuna and salmon being the more impressive protein. We would have preferred it better if the serving portion for the sashimi was slightly more generous but the plus of having the lunch set was that you could have a taste of all the various types of culinary techniques that the chef has to offer.

The cutlet dishes were also above average in standard and the marinade had a good touch of salinity. Chawanmushiwas also silky smooth and you could taste the shiitake mushroom in whole which was firm and complemented the texture well.

Moving on to my selected main of unagi (grilled eel), it was smooth, soft and had a beautiful coating of that unami sauce that would make you go oomph. Overall, the dishes suited my palate and the hot tea surely complemented my lunch.

My only complaint was I felt excessively thirsty after the meal when I returned to office. Not sure if it was the unagi or the miso soup but that certainly made me revise my verdict and it suffered some penalty points.

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Unagi Set
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Business Dining
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$65 for 2 pax
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