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Brasserie Les Saveurs

Illuminated by a splendid wall of windows overlooking a sparkling pool during the day, Brasserie Les Saveurs is transformed by night under the magical glitter of three enormous hand cut crystal chandeliers and chromatic ceiling art complemented by a symphony of water, light and music by the glass facade.

Daily: 06:30 - 23:00

Sunday Brunch 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
+65 65066860
$94 based on 55 submissions
Romance/First Dates (19 votes), Quiet (18 votes), Dinner (16 votes)
Celine Asril

Happy 80th Anniversary, Bloody Mary!

To celebrate its 80th year of serving the Bloody Mary, Brasserie les Saveurs has come up some dishes inspired by the drinks. All you can eat brunch starts from $148++ to $195++ (the latter with complimentary Ruinart champagne, beers and juices).

The HGW community like this place for...

  • scones8 votes
  • desserts trolley5 votes
  • Lobster Pastry3 votes
  • Duck Consomme1 vote
  • Poached pear1 vote
  • Raspberry tart1 vote
  • bread1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 55 votes
03 Dec 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Worst place EVER!!! Stay away at all cost!!!

My hubby took me here on my BDay as a surprise, oh how surprisingly terrible and extremely disappointing it was indeed! To begin, nobody by the reception desk to greet us till 10 minutes had elapsed. The wine list is a joke for it's shorter than hair on a chihuahua! We ordered sparkling water and a btl of WW, the waiter was polite but completely clueless as to how to perform basic tasks such as chilling wine and serving bread. Btw I noticed that most diners were partaking in buffet so may be the restaurant simply couldn't serve a la cart customers on a Tue evening. We placed our dinner orders eventually then sat and waited for a whole 40 minutes without having any staff attending our table. My hubby couldn't stand it any more so we paid for our water and unfinished btl of wine and left this hellhole for our fav restaurant CUT at MBS! We had an exceptionally great time overall at CUT or may be its simply cuz the night stated out in HELL!  
Pass around: tomato and crab meat maki roll with Bloody Mary vinaigrette
03 Oct 2014 • 296 reviews • 15 followers

Happy 80th Anniversary, Bloody Mary!

To celebrate its 80th year of serving the Bloody Mary, Brasserie les Saveurs has come up some dishes inspired by the drinks. All you can eat brunch starts from $148++ to $195++ (the latter with complimentary Ruinart champagne, beers and juices).
09 Sep 2014 • 51 reviews • 1 follower

Tantalizing Desserts, Unique Appetizers and Nice Mains

Repost for changes

It is hard not to be impressed by the extremely decadent, luxurious and grand setting of this place where the beautiful crystal chandeliers that dangle from the high ceilings are very attention grabbing,
  Food wise, I had the buffet on a Saturday afternoon, where the famous scones were nowhere to be found, which is a bit disappointing (I know that it is not tea buffet, but since the place is so famous for them that I hope they put up at least one type for the desserts selection). What I like about this place is that the selection generally consists of European dishes, instead of the international (aka hawker fare) type, saved for the fishball noodle (full of flavours but not salty, fishballs themselves are meh), sushi platter (not bad) and herbal chicken soup (absolutely wonderful, tasty comfort food imbued with strong flavour of herbs). The appetizers from honeydew gazpacho, prawn salad, greek salad to tomato with cheese are refreshing in taste that I give high marks to.     Desserts are very delicate, rich, creamy, not too sweet; exactly how like my desserts to be, especially the Jivara tart and choux pastry. The use of Valhorna Chocolate in the desserts totally wins me. Hints of tart taste adds edginess to the overall taste. And the Bread and Butter Pudding with Brandy sauce is mouth watering good with subtle complexity in the taste. The desserts here are hands down the best I ever have among all the buffet selections. It is a must to leave some room in the stomach for the desserts.   While the mains spread is not as outstanding on my first try, the management worked on improving it after feedback. Now, this section is great, filled with wide variety of mains, like fishes cooked in different ways (and preparation method had improved greatly), prawns cooked in different styles (I always love spreads that feature lots of prawns), chicken, lamb, Asian style noodles and pasta (must opt to add in the sun dried tomatoes which are delicious). These dishes, with exception to the chicken, are all very flavourful while allowing the ingredients' natural taste and freshness to shine through.    I must say that I'm impressed by the restaurant's commitment to excellence. The service is great and friendly, there is nothing that I can complain about.    At a quite reasonable price, this place is definitely in our list of favourite buffet places.

For photos, visit
04 Aug 2014 • 23 reviews • 0 follower

Yummy desserts!

A full review up on my blog:

As usual, what caught me was the gorgeous deco.. It always happens before the food! We skipped their buffet table (which I may have regretted) and went for their ala-carte. 
02 Jul 2014 • 124 reviews • 7 followers

Food coma with Champagne Brunch

For pictures and full review, pls visit:

The St Regis Champagne Brunch at Brasserie Les Saveurs is undoubtedly, a decadent affair. Free- flow bubbles, Alaskan crabs, lobster, oysters from France, foie gras and caviar.  You name it, they have it! Feast in the luxurious interiors of the opulent St Regis Hotel, while the live jazz band sets the mood.  Staff meander around with trays of unique appetizers. Service is butler-like, enthusiastic rather than smothering. This is the place to splash out on!

This post is picture-heavy, and I’m sure you will be drooling before reaching the halfway mark. I’ll start with the passed around appetizers, main course the dessert , before moving to the extensive buffet section.