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Review for Breadtalk (Paragon)


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07 Mar 2011 • 131 Reviews • 4 Followers

great breads

I frequent this outlet a lot since I live close by. The standard is always consistent and you can rely on the quality to be the same today, tomorrow and everyday, from one outlet to the next. Amazing organisation!

I like the uniforms for the girls too. Very neat and proper.

There's more a little bit more variety and variation at this store, but mostly everything is the same as the other stores.

There is always a variety to choose from, buns, rolls, cakes, sweet, savoury, etc... a bit overpriced for just bread/dough, but I guess no one comes close enough for them to compete on prices so prices stay high.

Always fresh, nothing tastes off ever, unlike a lot of neighbourhood shops or other bakeries which try to copy bread talk but just cannot make it!

Service is the same - gruff, quick, efficient, stuff your bread into a bag, grab your money and move on.
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