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Brew Maison is a new cafe that is inspired by Japanese and Korean styles with a touch of warm and cosy ambiance.

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Awesome place to study!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 57

Initially i was drawn to this cafe because of their cute latte art! Turns out their main focus is not that and their artist is not around when i was there. They are coming up with their new menu in April which is something i look forward to! 

Anyway they're a Japanese Korean fusion cafe. Their design is quite Korean tbh. It gives off a very pastel and country vibe with the wooden fences and colorful walls. They also have a small pot of flowers at each table as decorations. 

Also like i said, they have no latte art whatsoever. LOL. But i was kind of drawn to them because of the quiet environment. idk why their cafe is always like a ghost town every night but it is such a conducive environment for me to study and work on my assignments! Yay for me but probably bad for them? :X Their location is quite ULU though. It is situated near singapore chinese girls school and in the middle of no where. I guess it somehow affects their business. 

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Very Disappointed :(((((((

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service N/A
Total Review: 1

I found this cafe earlier this year and started going there because it is near my school. There is not much variety of drinks on the menu, so i constatly get the same thing, which is no issue. The place is relatively nice and empty and you'll frequently see students camping there to study. The students that are usually there are all regular customers and they often each order a drink and maybe a light snack to munch on while doing thier revision. Earlier this week i was there with a classmate and across the cafe, there were these three girls seated together studying. Before long, the boss/manager walked over to their table and spoke to them. As it's part of human nature, my friend and I were naturally drawn to listen to the conversation to satisfy our curiosity. The manager asked one of the girls, 'Are you going to purchase a drink?'. Her tone was calm but you could hear the irritation in her voice. The reply given was that she was full and was going to order a drink in a while (something along those lines), her friends then added that drinks had already been ordered earlier on. The manager then replied that yes, the two of them did in fact order drinks but she(referring to the first girl she spoke to) had not, and that they could not study there if she did not purchase a drink. I was utterly astonished as three people ordering two drinks did not seem unreasonable. You can't expect everyone to order a drink, and it's not like none of them had purchased anything and they were just using the facilities. I believe that with the manager making such a request (especially when people around them could hear the conversation), it had made the situation very awkward, and you could feel the tension in the air. What shocked me even more was that these girls were regualr customers who constantly studied there with different groups of people. Should they be offended, there's always the possibility that they would stop patronising brew maison and get the rest of their friends to stop as well? Honestly i wasn't even part of it and i somehwat feel offended? Because from the conversation, though not said directly, there was insinuation that if she did not purchase a drink immediately they were going to be asked to leave. This was not only embarrassing but quite rude to some extent? The manager had said that if they did not order drinks she would not let them study there (although they had already bought two drinks, as mentioned earlier). If i were the girl I would have told the manager straight out that she cannot expect every customer to purchase a drink, and that 2 out of 3 was not unreasonable. If two friends decided to order one drink to share, is that not allowed? If all except one decided to order food, would that one person be asked to leave? I liked this place but right now i am extremely disappointed with what I had witnessed. I wonder if those girls would even bother to contnue 'supporting' the brew maison. I hope not. A place waiting to be closed down.

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What a let down!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 30

Brew Maison is a cafe located at Alocassia Apartments, along bukit timah road, just opposite SCGS. From its name, you would be able to tell that it has some affiliations with the Japanese. It is in fact a cafe that is a inspired by a combination of Korean and Japanese, as it was evident from their interior design. The walls were washed with soft pastel colors, which made it seem so much more, well… kawaii and somehow, very inviting. I’ve passed by this cafe on a couple of occasions, and have always wanted to visit them because I’ve seen so much of their latte and foam art online.

I ordered the Taro Latte ($4.20) and as I was feeling a little peckish, I got a Hamago Salad ($4.70). Very affordable prices for their food, but I had to wait for close to 15 minutes for both my food and drink to be ready. At first look, I was pretty disappointed because I would expect the Taro latte to be at least, a little purple, because taro. Besides, even though the food was cheap, I definitely did not expect the salad to look as pathetic as it is, for a WHOOPING $4.70.

The good impression Brew Maison had on me was tarnished by the time the food was ready. Perhaps i haven’t had enough of their food to pass a bad judgement on them, but would I return to give them another shot? I wouldn’t think so. Their menu is rather limited, and the food they serve are pretty common. I believe I would be able to get them at even better prices and taste at a hawker, without all that fluff with the fancy names.

As for their drinks, the highly raved Taro Latte was unfortunately depressing. I felt so cheated and I do hope that their other drinks would taste better. It is undeniably a great place to chill and hang out, however, if you don’t stay in that area, don’t bother going out of your way to visit them. If you’re intrigued by pretty coffee art, or 3d latte art, go to chock full at Changi Village, which would be more worth the time and visit because they serve good food, great desserts, and they don’t need a special schedule just to make your day with a cute latte art.

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