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Review for Brotzeit (Raffles City)


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15 Mar 2014 • 388 Reviews • 13 Followers

My Little local Germany

Good friends and I met for a nice Friday meal to kick start our weekend with good food and company! Between the 4 of us, we shared a platter and that's good. We each had a portion of everything. As expected, the pork knuckle was nicely deep-fried. The assorted sausages also tasted good. Generally, I personally preferred the chicken ones over the somewhat porky-tasting ones. The lighter ales are also my favourite! I like how drinking much light ale just gives me a light buzz. I also discovered another drink that I now LOVE - Jäger bomb!!! This is another dangerous drink as the sweetness of the mix gives you the deception that you can down a plenty without getting slosh! Ladies, know your limit, else boys will gleefully take advantage of that situation. :/
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Pork Knuckle
  • Platter
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