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$44 based on 127 submissions
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BRUSSELs SPROUTS is a family-friendly Mussels and Belgian Beer restaurant.  The restaurant's concept, which serves classic Belgian food in a modern environment, is tailored towards a family-style eatery, in keeping with the genre of its locations at Robertson Quay, Big Splash in East Coast Park and Sentosa Cove. With ample seating at all three BRUSSELs SPROUTS outlets, BRUSSELs SPROUTS is the perfect restaurant for a lazy saturday lunch, or a noisy family and friends gathering!

Famous for its 12 preparations of mussels sauces including the traditional Belgian favourites Mariniere, Vin Blanc and Meridionale, as well as more Asian-inspired ones like Tom Yam, BRUSSELs SPROUTS also serves authentic Belgian fare, like the Boulettes (Belgian meatballs), Waterzooi A La Gantoise (traditional creamy seafood stew), Carbonade Flamande (brown beer-braised beef stew) and Jarret De Porc Braise A La Biere Brune (brown beer-braised pork shank). 

Wash down these hearty food with daily beer promotions on Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Leffe beers, or choose from our selection of over 150 different bottled Belgian beers.

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  • beers 23 votes
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Latest Review for BRUSSELS SPROUTS

Overall RatingBased on 113 reviews
Most helpful review:

Just a terrible restaurant

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Okay first of all, I have worked in this restaurant and truth be told, i left because there are no food hygiene checks whatsoever and food are pre made and stored in tubs and tupperwares for up to 5 days. 5/6 of the kitchen crew are foreign workers from malaysia, indonesia and one dishwasher from
china. Believe it or not, the kitchen itself is not washed on a daily or weekly basis. The dishwasher doesn't do his job well either. I have seen plates placed on the kitchen floor and chefs using spatulas to unclog the drain which clogs up every few days. When the kitchen has free time, the chefs dont prepare any mise en place or food preparation. They just stand around and play mobile games like kids. Recently, brussels sprouts has closed down two outlets at sentosa and east coast. The restaurant's financial state is a mess. Food ingredients dont come on time due to delayed payment. The customers of our restaurant has decreased significantly but there are some delusional customers who still think that the food is good. The food is pre made and the mussels are all frozen. The kitchen is a place where you either follow the wrong things the chefs do, or you get isolated to working alone. There is no cooperation in the kitchen. Since all the kitchen staff are mostly malaysians, they just connect with each other rly comfortably and just chat during work without putting any focus at work.
When customers complain about food being uncooked, the kitchen would simply take the food back and silently curse the customers and prepare a new one which includes the chefs saliva and what not. The restaurant neither provides a good environment for its staff nor its customers. Food items are overpriced. My advise is to avoid eating at this restaurant. While working there, the restaurant manager, Gavin, even insists that we go online and provide good reviews on our own restaurant. This just shows you how desperate the restaurant is. The food is dirty, the price is high, the customers who dine here clearly didnt think it through. When i left this restaurant, i felt at complete bliss, i have worked for many japanese restaurants and buffet restaurants and i must say that this restaurant is by far the worst. My advise is to not dine here. There are many restaurants at clarke quay and robertson quay, just dont choose to come here if you rly want to have a good meal. The restaurant is in such a financial mess and food are all dirty and stored for days in the chillers.

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Total Review: 1

One word. More than overpriced. 110 for 1 beer one mussel (2 people). come on guys... it is mussels just mussels...

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Genuine and friendly service, nice ambience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

Had dinner with my mum on a weeknight. Brussels Sprouts is pet-friendly and we sat at one of the high tables near the entrance, with my dog leashed and sitting with us. The female server was really friendly and even offered to fill up my dog's water bowl. We were not very hungry and so we got the starter white wine mussel bowl ($22) and beer-battered onion rings to share ($7). Both the mussels and onion rings were good! Fries were free flow, with 3 types of salt. They were freshly fried and were good.

All the waiters and servers who served us were pleasant and friendly!

The ambience here is really nice, as it is breezy next to the river and the riverside in general is quieter compared to many other eating spots in Singapore. You can hear soft music and watch joggers, people walking their dogs and other random people going by and enjoy a walk after dinner too!

Definitely coming back again :)

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