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From pastas to pizzas to desserts to finish off your meal with. are generally good, Buono Pizza Bar & Italian Restaurant provides you a variety of choices and leave with a contented full belly. With the decor being very cosy, you'll like the atmosphere.

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seafood linguine
seafood linguine
cream based pizza
cream based pizza
lamb chop
lamb chop
Fetuccine Prawns with Porcini Mushrooms, Truffle in a cream sauce.
Fetuccine Prawns with Porcini Mushrooms, Truffle in a cream sauce.

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Authentic Italian Pasta

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Reviews: 2

I'm a lover of Italian Pasta and was pleasantly surprised that the quality of the pasta here is way better than what you normally get elsewhere in restaurants.  Although the price is a little higher than the usually $16 to $20 for restaurants, it's definitely worth it.

We tried the carbonara and the curry pasta.  Carbonara was very full-flavour and reminds me of the pasta I had in Italy.  Not too dry nor too wet, well-balanced.  As for the curry pasta, we thought it's gonna taste weird but was amazed how well it blended into the pasta dish.  Will definitely return.  

Only problem is the aircon is a little weak and it was too warm to stay longer in the restaurant.

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Neighbourhood’s great food surprise!

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 76

When my friend told me that we are going for Italian food near some resident area. My first impression is it will be just another pizza / pasta restaurant. And boy I was wrong.

 There were 4 of us and when the when the chef ask what do we like to order. My friend just let the chef decide the menu. At first, I was not sure about my friend’s decision. But only later I found out that was his best decision yet.

 The appetizer was Portobello mushroom with cheese. The mushroom was perfectly cooked and when you served with cheese, that cheesy and mushroom texture is something that I can eat all day.

 For the pasta, the chef has recommended seafood linguine. The pasta was warp in an aluminum foil when cooked. This method is to keep the entire flavor sealed inside the linguine and that makes it so flavorful. We also had the pasta that looks like Ban Mien (Chinese pasta) that served seafood. It is very interesting to see something the Ban Mien served in Italian style. Kudos to the chef.

 The main course is no other than the lamp chops. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. This is one fine lamp chops. With this lamp chop, it just nicely satisfied meat my craving after those pastas.

 Just when I thought the variety is a bit short. The pizza came out just in time to save the day. The pizza was no ordinary pizza. It was Buono Pizza. A cream based thin crust pizza. This is my first time having pizza that is not using tomato as based and immediately I felt in love with this pizza.  The pizza also have some homemade sausage pork sausages that give the meaty taste and texture to meat lover like me.

 I totally recommend Buono pizzabar and Ristorante. And I will let the chef decide on my menu for my revisit. I am sure he will continue to surprise me with his long list of menu.

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Buono is definitely not Buono

Food/Drink 1| Value 4| Ambience 2| Service 2
Total Reviews: 4

In fact it's rather bad. Could it be that I showed up on Friday night of the F1 weekend? I don't know but it didn't appear to be that full at 7pm. Around 830 it did fill in with what appeared to be mostly locals but even then it was about 45% full. The food was appalling. It was like something out of a Kitchen Nightmare episode. The restaurant itself was nicely decorated but somehow the air con was not exactly cold. It looked like their old air cons had broken down but they replaced it with smaller units which weren't sufficient to cool the place down. The food was pretty disastrous. My son got his favourite a Spaghetti Carbonara. Normally you really can't screw this one up but they did. It came drenched in sauce and I tasted it and they added cream to it. Carbonara is meant to be eggs and cheese plus bacon... no cream, that's an Alfredo. And it was pretty tasteless - no seasoning and bland. We also ordered a squid ink pasta with seafood in a al-foil wrap - but that was also quite tasteless - again too much liquid. The third pasta was a white wine seafood papardelle - mildly better, but again too much sauce. Then the lamb chops which were somehow drenched in some kind of sweet white sauce with balsimic. It was bizarre - they killed the taste of beautiful lamb with this horrendous sauce. The mushroom soup was also bland. In fact the only thing nice was their carnivore pizza. I figured out why it was so bad. I took my son to the toilet and it's right next to the kitchen. I see one of the waiters / chefs - you couldn't tell because he was just wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. Didn't appear to be a real chef in the kitchen. And he was busy picking mussels out from this tray - the mussels were standing upright!!! Obviously frozen solid. He then hid another container with the picked mussels (from the frozen ones) - just the mussels swimming around in water obviously waiting to throw that onto a pizza or a seafood pasta. Not to mention the toilets smelled really bad. The locals appeared to like their food - pizza and ravioli. Maybe I just ordered the wrong stuff. But really as a restaurant if you know that it's not good either don't recommend it - or better yet - just don't have it on the menu. I heard they were moving to Clarke Quay whatever you do don't go to it down there unless you want a bad meal.  About the only good thing was the price $149 for 2 adults and 2 kids - they didn't charge me corkage for my wine.

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The Classics Still Rock

Food/Drink 4| Ambience 3
Total Reviews: 2143

Buono Pizzabar and Ristorante has been a long time fixture at Serangoon, and when you have been around for several years, you have definitely done something right.


I paid a recent visit to try some of the classics and started with the Portobello Mushroom with crabmeat and gorgonzola cheese sauce. Bite sized mushrooms topped with a strong blue cheese finish that is bound to open your tastebuds.


From the pasta menu I tried the - Linguine Seafood in Aluminium Foil. Yet another classic in which the goodness is retained in the foil, with a flush of fresh seafood aroma when the food is served.


Better though was the Fetuccine Prawns with Porcini Mushrooms, Truffle in a cream sauce. I love my cream, and this classic with truffle is a dish that just cannot go wrong.


For my main course I had the Lamb Chops Cibrales, fresh pieces of lamb done medium yet still retaining its juices. It also does not have the gamy after taste, a testimony to the use of quality ingredients.


Finally from the pizza menu , I tried the Buono Pizza , a cream based thin-crust pizza with home-made pork sausages, fresh mushrooms, cherry tomato topped with Mozarella Cheese and rocket salad.


Overall, expect quality Italian cooking from this no-frills set-up with family-style friendly service. The laid back atmosphere also provides more reason for you to have that post meal drinks – and Buono provides a wide assortment of quality yet affordable wines fit for your individual palette.

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