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Reviews for BWB | burger VS wings + bar


Great burger and place to chill

Interesting black burger thats equally tasty! Amazing Buffalo wings that's a must try for all. Wonderful ambience to go along with the food, and not forgetting their drinks! Overall, a wonderful place to chill with good food.
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21 Dec 2014 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Great burger and place to chill

Interesting black burger thats equally tasty! Amazing Buffalo wings that's a must try for all. Wonderful ambience to go along with the food, and not forgetting their drinks! Overall, a wonderful place to chill with good food.
26 Nov 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Great food but customer service needs improvement

Arrived at the restaurant with 3 other friends on 24 Nov for dinner. Great ambience and were excited to try the black burgers and variety of wings and fries. Everything went well at first. For food, we ordered Seafood Marinara Spaghetti, the Fries Combo (comprising of taro fries, normal potato fries and sweet potato fries), Hot Buffalo Wings, the Tyson Peanut Butter Burger, a DIY burger (charcoal bun, pork patty with choice of 7 toppings) and a Wagyu Rossini Black Burger.
The food were served within 15 mins from our order. The fries and wings were served first. They tasted real good. We ordered the buffalo wings at a mild spicy level. It tasted very good. Up to this point, everything was perfect until the DIY burger and the Wagyu Rossini burger were served. I had specifically asked the waiter taking our order whether one of the toppings (chilli con) contained meat and if so, what kind, as i do not take beef. He assured me confidently that it does not contained meat. Next, the Rossini burger is to be served with a piece of foie gras IN it.
When these 2 items were served, i saw a sauce with minced meat in my burger. i checked with another waiter and was told it was MINCED BEEF! Immediately I requested for a change. The Wagyu Rossini Burger was also not to be. Contrary to the description in the menu, the mushrooms and foie gras were missing.Turned out they had served the Wagyu Beef Black Burger instead.
When we brought this up to the waiter, he informed us he will check the order. Shortly after, the waiter who took our order came to us with the Burger which his colleague had taken away from our table (supposedly to change to the right order), and said, "This is what you ordered. Wagyu Beef Black Burger.There's no error". We then told him that we had told him it was a Rossino burger when he repeated the order and my friend even pointed to the picture of the Rossini burger in the menu! What he said next was the ultimatum of our dining experience. He said, "But i repeated your order to you" and proceeded to show us his most frustrated look.
At one point, the waiter came back again and said, "This is the same as Rossini, we will prepare the foie gras separately for you". I could have left it at that but what he said made my blood boiled. I mean, if it's the same, why have 2 different items on the menu?? They could have just indicated foie gras is available separately!! We insisted on having the burger replaced because we should be served what we had ordered. He then reluctantly took the burger back to the kitchen and came back with the Rossini burger (abt 10mins later).
We are unsure whether there are any "extra" ingredients in the replacement burger. Hopefully not! Lol...
Not even a word of apology from him nor the shift manager. Disappointed.
It would have been a fantastic dinner with the great tasting food but such service is a total letdown. 3 out of 5 stars...
21 Nov 2014 • 55 reviews • 0 follower

Hot Buffalo Wings for a try!

visit for full review with pics.

It feels all pumped up once you step into BWB. BWB's theme revolves around boxing with a tv screening boxing matches while the dining concept is a food fight between Burgers and Wings! The whole place is not too brightly lighted, a little dim with the boxing arena feel yet bright enough to see where you are going and to eat your food comfortably.

Here's our main course, we ordered 2 kind of wings with the add on free flow tapas bar.

Hot Buffalo Wings: Deep fried chicken wings with spicy sauce. Choice of level from mild to medium to suicide. We chose the medium level. The sauce is pretty good, spicy with tangy lemony flavor in it. Has the kick for a medium level and the tangy spiciness lingers in your mouth after eating.

Mozzarella Jumbo Wings: Mozzarella cheese stuffed wings with smoked garlic and barbeque sauce. But i find the wings quite disappointing. There's no sign and traces of any mozzarella cheese been infused into the wings in any form. It just tasted like normal fried chicken wings. The sauces on the other hand tasted pretty good. The smoked garlic is quite unique. Could taste tinge of garlic but not too overpowering and its rather refreshing.

Their tapas is pretty decent. I pretty like the slow cooked onsen egg with ponzu sauce among all the tapas available. Not too raw and not too cooked, one slurp into your mouth with the yolk bursting within. Ponzu sauce is a citrus based soy sauce. Tart with thin and light consistency. It goes pretty well with the egg, overall a very light appetizer. First time trying quesadilla, i think the closest food to quesadilla i tried before is like KFC meltz. Quesadilla is like a flour tortilla containing savory fillings. Not too bad for a first timer trying it.