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Review for Cacio e Pepe Restaurant


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Address: 3 Chu Lin Road
22 Mar 2014 • 723 Reviews • 85 Followers

A quiet Italian meal in suburba

We were delighted to find this restaurant close to our home and made a date to have dinner there.

Food:  We had the burato mozzarella cheese and it was well made and served.  The squid rings were also well fried and the sauce interesting.  Pastas:  The seafood pasta in tomato, mushroom and scallops cabonara, were delicious, fresh sauce and fresh seafood used in all dishes.  The calzone was made from fresh dough (can smell the yeast) and my favourite dish was the meat lovers main course - samples of their meats:  lamb, beef, chicken piled into a pyramid.  Delicious food all round.  Had the lava cake too,  so so.

Value:  pricey but the good ingredients account for it.

Service: A bit understaffed but the lady server managed it pretty well for a weekday night.

Ambience:  Quiet, comfortable and friendly.
Must Tries
Seafood cabonara pasta, Seafood tomato pasta, Mozzarella Burato
Average Spend
$319 for 8 pax
  • Meat platter
  • Cabonara
  • Squid rings
  • Seafood cabonara
  • Calzone
  • Lava cake with ice cream
  • Creme brulee
  • Squid ink pasta
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