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Brasserie Gavroche's sister outlet has the setting of a traditional Parisian cafe, offering bite sized French snacks like tartines (open faced sandwiches) and charchuteir platters. The drinks list includes wines from France, cocktails and more than 30 brands of pastis (an anise-flavoured liqueur).

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Oeufs Benedict
Oeufs Benedict
Smoked Salmon Oeufs Benedict
Smoked Salmon Oeufs Benedict
Very delicious duck cold cut plater which has 5 different tastes. Yum..
Very delicious duck cold cut plater which has 5 different tastes. Yum..
  • crossiants 3 votes
  • duck cold cut 2 votes
  • everything 2 votes
  • croque Monsieur 1 vote

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Good weekend brunch and ambience

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 8

I went to this cafe on a saturday afternoon. The ambience of the cafe was amazing. It wasn't too crowded with only 5 or 6 or tables occupied. When you're inside you feel like you're in a different country. A great escape for a couple of hours. I sat in this 'outdoor' area, it's actually an air-conditioned indoors with a skylight so it felt like i was in a foreign country have brunch alfresco.

The cafe has a weekend brunch menu and we ordered Oeufs Benedict and Croque-Monsieur. I preferred the Croque-Monsieur, thick toasts with melted ham and cheese in between. The benedict i felt was pre-prepared, the yolk could be more runny. The potatotes that came with it was quite tasty.

 Service and food was a little slow but still ok.

Overall good experience, will visit again

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Queer, Inattentive Service

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 4

This is a story about Kai, a young male waiter, perhaps Filipino, with slicked back, wavy hair. I had wanted to introduce my 2 China relatives, who were visiting for a funeral, to a different cuisine. 

Things were queer from the start. When we entered, Kai was heading our way, but then turned and rushed off. We stood there for a minute, before he suddenly called to us from across the room. Then, he strolled over, led by his chest, a rather disgruntled look on his face (that dictated all future interaction), and asked us what we wanted. This I also found queer. Typically, servers will ask for the size of your party, assuming you are there to dine. 

I requested a table for 3. He looked round, stumbled with words, and then his arm shot into the air, palm facing us, exclaiming "Wait!", a behaviour I might excuse if he has previous experience as an aircraft marshall. Then he did another about-turn and disappeared. There were empty, set tables visible from where we were. 

We waited again for a few minutes, and a female server came to attend to us. She immediately began to direct us to our table. En route, we were hijacked by Kai. He appeared in charge of that section at the back. He brought us past tables with 3 or more seats, to a table with 2 seats. Then he left us there and did not offer an additional seat - we pulled one over from the 3 seater beside us.

Our menus came launched at the table as in a fan of cards, and then we were left for over 10 minutes, while Kai scuttled around to every other table but ours. It was impossible to get his attention. I spent much time in a half-turned position. Later, my teenaged cousin walked over to ask him for service. For the next few minutes, I saw Kai attend to at least 4 other tables, before becoming glued to the cash register, with the kind of intensity I have witnessed among option traders at their desks, or new drivers at the wheel. Clearly he isn't well trained with it. 

I soon walked over and informed him and his female colleague that we had been waiting for 10 minutes. Kai appeared furious, as if I had severely insulted his skills as a server, and gestured vigorously to my table, insisting that I should order. There was no apology. Simply this insistence to action, which I suppose is his only merit as a server, besides an excellent hairstyle.

I could see Kai was very busy, perhaps overworked, and that the tables were conspicuously empty of food. I did not wish to busy him further nor embarass myself anymore with my relatives. Typically they bring me to banquets in China, with multiple servers at our beck and call. So we left without dining.

I am now curious as to why Kai's service was so poor, and his behaviour so queer. Perhaps he is too poorly paid as a server; but if he is well paid, I would wonder why, as he is clearly ill-suited for his chosen profession. Nonetheless, he has compelled me to write the longest food review I have ever done in life, that is as devoid of food as was my lunch.  

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Truly good french food!!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

we had a wonderful dinner. Food is really good, cold cuts (duck Foie gras ️etc ) to die for, we had "tartine", bread with toppings, wine was excellent and service was perfect. We will definitely come back for "raclette", french cheese melting on potatoe, so hard to find a real good one in spore.

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