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Daily: 06:00 - 23:00

$32 based on 18 reviews
Fried Black and White Carrot Cake • International Buffet • Nyonya Laksa • Seafood Cioppino Special
A 24-hour contemporary cafe serving international buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as Asian delights, Cafe Mosaic is the perfect meeting place for a business lunch or casual get-together. See what foodies like this place for
FoodLover1234 • 05 Oct 20094 reviews 1 followers
Currently serving up international buffet dinner at $45++, I must say it is probably one of the cheapest dinner buffets around.
Like every buffet spread, they have their salad bar, cold cut platter, seafood, sushi, live cooking section etc. Thought the selection was small and the food was mediocre. Service wise, I was pretty much ignored. Had to ask the waitress to refill water 3 times and for her to clear my piling plates.
I dined...

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Cafe Mosaic

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Buffet11 votes
  • Large Groups/Gathering6 votes
  • Vibrant/Noisy6 votes
  • Children/Family5 votes
  • Dinner3 votes
  • Quiet3 votes


  • Desserts - cakes3 votes
  • black forest cake3 votes
  • seafood platter3 votes
  • Section 2Section 2
  • DessertsDesserts
  • Section 1Section 1
  • BreadBread
  • Cold prawnsCold prawns
  • Hainanese Pork Chop, Thai Red Curry Duck and Soy Sauce ChickenHainanese Pork Chop, Thai Red Curry Duck and Soy Sauce Chicken
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What others are saying...

DreamLove Eat • 15 Apr 201450 reviews 1 followers

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There is a good variety. From soup...chinese food...sashimi...salad...cold dishes...DESSERTS! The ambience is good for gatherings and business lunches. The service is swift and efficient. Only sad thing is they didn't serve fresh oysters.

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Chong WK Terence • 13 Nov 20131 reviews 0 followers

The oysters and other cold seafoods such as sashimi, mussels are really freash and juicy! One thing is really a must try is there cakes. They have plenty cakes ranging from slices of cheese & blackforest cake to an entire cream cake. This is really commendable as their cakes can really sooth your taste buds !!!! Their daily boiled chinese herb soups have very strong flavour and taste.
The sushi are nice but lack variety....

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Matthew Choo • 15 Oct 20131 reviews 0 followers

Had dinner today at Cafe Mosaic. We had the 1-for-1 buffet dinner deal, so it was worth the money.
Overall, it was a good experience. The taste of the food was palatable, with some dishes that stood out, such as the tandoori chicken. The desserts in particular, were splendid, such as the tiramisu cake and the dark chocolate hot pudding with vanilla sauce. However, it was quite limited in variety.
The ambience of the restaurant is pleasant, although...

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