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Located at Amara Hotel and fashioned after the traditional Chinese coffee shop of the 1950s with its marble tables and wooden chairs, Café Oriental serves original Singaporean cuisine.

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Seafood Horfun
Seafood Horfun
  • Chicken Rice 1 vote
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  • Malay Chicken Rice 1 vote
  • Seafood Horfun 1 vote

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Expensive but average local and Malaysian food

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 630

I was in the mood for Chinese / local food for lunch, hence Cafe Oriental was the selected venue. It was done in strong replicate of vintage Chinese coffeeshops in the past , complete with marble-topped round tables and wooden chairs. It looked promising in its theme, and we were looking to the food here.

*Will started with a Malay Chicken Rice (SGD$18.00) served prettily on a tray with a small bowl of soup, roasted chicken, preserved vegetables and chilli on the side. The chicken meat was rather tender and the rice had hints of traditional chicken rice fragrance, but other than that, *Will found it to be a rather average dish.

I had the Seafood Hor Fun (SGD$18.00) - Chinese rice pasta tossed in supposed superior broth and loads of seafood - giant prawns, squids, cod fish and some vegetables. While I appreciated the smoothness of the horfun and the generous portions of seafood, I was disappointed to note that even with these ingredients, the dish was bland. There was no hints of sweetness or flavor, it was nearly tasteless so I concentrated on finishing my seafood and vegetables mostly.

Service was average as well, nothing spectacular for a restaurant serving Chinese dishes that probably tasted better at stalls at a fraction of the price here.

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Local Food with A Price

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2157

Looking for a quick lunch, I decided to settle on the Cafe Oriental at Amara Hotel. A simple cafe setting, I ordered some chicken rice ($14.50). The thigh meat of the chicken was tender and tasty, and the rice fragrant.

I also tried the Roti Prata with Curry ($13.40). The curry was really good, thick and tasty. The prata, unsurprisingly, tasted like instant prata. 

Despite the higher than usual prices, it still attracts a relatively good local crowd. However, given the loads of local food around the area, I am not sure if this is a price point I can accept despite the food being of above average standards.

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