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Review for Candlenut Kitchen (Dorsett)


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02 Mar 2014 • 138 Reviews • 0 Follower

Good peranakan with a modern twist

So, it was my colleagues’ farewell dinner and we brought her here. A very good peranakan restaurant I would say. There were some fusion dishes such as the desserts, duck and pork cheek while others were more traditional and cooked really well. However, it didn’t have the wow factor as I guess I am quite used to peranakan food and also there were also some misses. Things always feel less precious if it isn’t rare, doesn’t it. So for 6 people we spent $194 and portions were actually quite small. There’s free flow rice though but rice wasn’t well cooked yesterday night as it is not fluffy as slightly bitty in the middle. Not enough water used perhaps. Service is good though. So, is this restaurant worth a visit? Yes, it is if you really want some good peranakan food with a fresh perspective and will be a nice place to bring your overseas friends too but get the kitchen to make it less spicy for them!

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