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Decent Italian fare

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 44

I'd passed by this place any number of times and one day decided to give it a try. The people are and the service friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere is also pleasant. There is a nice variety to the food menu and, for lunch, in addition to the a la carte menu, they have a set menu and a buffet (this is really good value at $15). I've been back a few times since have tried a variety of dishes on their menu. On the whole it's good, though I tend to find their food on the salty side and think they need to pare that back. Their pizzas are decent, and they do a long fermentation of the dough, though I wouldn't come here just for the pizza. The lamb chops are quite nice.

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Worst Italian experience in Singapore.

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

This, is not the Capricci of old. Hell, it doesn't even look like the pictures anymore. Capricci is now a shadow of its past. Walking in, it looked more like a cheap Italian Bistro. The staff were completely lost, had no clue how to sit customers, and worse.. staff were being ordered around and berated right in front of dinner guests!! :/ The food was absolutely SHOCKING. I have never tasted such flat, and uninspiring Italian food in Singapore. The bread basket was clearly not fresh, with the oregano baked loaf clearly recycled from last night (soggy crust). The "zuchinni gazpacho" tasted like raw vegetables pureed, and the chilled soup for starters, was just plain lazy. All the starters are pre-prepared. So don't expect anything difficult or hell, tasty. Now.. the main course. Tasteless and uninspiring food is forgiveable, but serving seafood that is not fresh is not. The moment my fiance said the lobster tasted weird and made a face, this was it. We had to go. Without waiting for the desert, we made sure the wait staff and the manager heard our displeasure, and asked for the bill. Suprisingly, the (i assume) owner, had the cheek to charge us the full bill INCLUDING the desert. Not wanting to make a scene and get out of this hell hole, we paid and left. All he could manage was a weak sorry. Worse, he turned his back to us to avoid us as we left the restaurant. I have read wonderful things about Capricci online, and seen many lovely pictures, but let me assure you, this is no longer the Capricci that was presented online. The pictures here aren't even an accurate representation of how the restaurant looks like.

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

The decor/ambience is characterless and the food does not really make up for it. To our shock and horror, we had (probably toxic) water dripping from the air-conditioning vent into our wine. When we complained to the waiter about it, he pretended as if nothing had happened and promptly switched off the air-conditioner. On further protests, the owner/manager, enquired as to which wine we had ordered and went on to do NOTHING about it. We did manage to get a 'complimentary' empty glass and new tables. Overall it was an empty and dull experience. The restaurant stands for nothing (other than trying to make a quick buck), the food is forgettable (at best) and the staff don't give a toss. I would strongly recommend not wasting your time and and money at Capricci.

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Disappointing and discriminating

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Went there with friends for a birthday celebration on a Mon for dinner as we heard some rave reviews about this Italian place nestled in Tanjong Pagar.

First impression was a cosy place with an open concept. I had my starter - minestrone soup - which arrived shortly after I placed my order. The soup was served in a very small bowl considering that it costs around $10. The serving was about the size of the complimentary soup when you order chicken rice in a hawker centre. Had a sip of the soup - very plain - but it had a very odd, funny smell to it. I then passed it around my friends who agreed that it smelt funny. Hence I called for the waiter, who happened to be the owner of the place, and told him that the soup smells funny. "Smells funny?! Have you had cauliflower or broccoli soup before?!" I had half a mind to tell him I have and I've also had minestrone soup in Italy before but never one that smelt like a soiled towel.

After having had my starter spoilt, I struggled to get through the rest of the meal. We ordered parma ham pizza where the topping kept falling off the crust. The serviing of the pizza was only palm sized.

I also ordered iced water to go with my meal whilst the rest of my friends had a bottle of wine. Whilst the wine was happily topped by the waiters, the water was not. Not only that but waiters also battered with the other customers as long as they had bottled alcohol.

In general, my visit was very disappointing. I will recommend you come here if you enjoy disciminating service and food in tiny portions (more like tapas size).

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The service makes it go from gd to awesome

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 84

Full post:

Went for dinner last Monday with a bunch of old friends, in honor of my birthday (again!) Was hankering for some italian, and found that there's one just right opposite my office! Having read favorable reviews on HGW (I never go in blind), I suggested that we have dinner there.

It was a very nice restaurant. Being a Monday night, it was also super quiet, though not for long with our group, not that we made a lot of noise, but definitely added some life to the place.

It's our luck perhaps too to go on a quiet night. The staff was excellent, and the chef came out to speak with us too! He was really amusing with the Italian accent, and recommended every single dish on the menu. That was cute.

We had a difficult time deciding, but finally did so. There's also a 3-course dinner set for 39++ which is quite reasonable! We had some bread with yummy olive oil and vinegar first.

Then came the appetizers! We first had asparagus with cheese fondue. Very interesting taste, quite well made. It was quite popular in the reviews too.

Then came the most interesting twist perhaps to a dish. Parma harm with rock melon SORBET! Yeah that round yellow ball in the middle is actually a very very creamy sorbet. Heavenly paired with the parma ham. I like creativity and surprises in my food.

Next is the eggplant dish. Pretty meh, nothing spectacular.

The waiter was really hilarious, and told us the wine he recommended is exclusively distributed from this really rich shipping magnate that makes wine as a hobby. Therefore if we are unhappy with the wine, we can ship back the bottle and let him know. At $45 a pop, we are sold. And it was indeed not bad at all.

Next, the main courses. First up, duck confit! Not on the menu, special for the day. It was really quite good. The duck skin was crispy and the orange sauce tangy. What we did was to rotate the dishes among the 4 of us, so 1/4 each and we get to try all! The tagliatelle pasta is my least favourite among all. Not that special. Couldn't wait for my next rotation.

Lovers of lamb, will be happy to know that our lamb shank is gorgeous. The meat MELTS off that 2 skinny bones there. Yummy. You can taste the lamb, but not TOO much lamb, if you know what I mean.

Lastly, the sleeper hit among the 4 -- lemon risotto with scallops! Nette claims this to be the best risotto she's ever had. I might have to agree with her except I have only tried 1 other risotto recently and that was home-made by my brother. This was really good because the lemon kept the dish from being "gelak", local speak for "too much". So it became a really light carbo dish, which is surprising. The scallops were nothing to speak of, but the risotto...!

Lastly, we capped off the meal with 2 desserts. White chocolate mousse with maraschino cherries. It was actually really disappointing. The cherries seemed to be those that is bright red instead of the dark red ones, and it is blended and mixed into a cube, which explains the pink colour. Grainy to the taste, and much too artificial for me. Skip!

But their panna cotta was gooooood.

Sweet, creamy, satisfying. It's like drawing a big fat full stop at the end of a long sentence.

The boss of the place also treated us to 4 shots of a sweet honey liqueur, apparently a type of wine from Sicily. It is REALLY nice. We tried asking the name, but couldn't figure it out.

What made this place go from good to awesome was in the end, the service and ambience. Other than the food, the waiters are all cheery and attentive. The wine and menu recommendations helped greatly. It just feels good to have food in a place where it doesn't seem like they just want to make money off you. We spent about 250 in total, which seems really worth it if you think about all the food we had, and the wine. Plus, excellent service.

Gets a vote from me! Go try it and let me know!

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Not so great after all

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 5 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 4

The girlfriend brought the family and I (6 of us) to this place on the recommendation of a colleague, as well as good reviews, but I must say the experience was not up to expectations.

First, we had quite a hassle ordering our food. The service personnel attending to us seemed not to understand English very well. Because we wanted to order the set meal for dinner (which they did not have a menu or any instructions for), there was some confusion over what was included. As I wanted a Veal main course, the waiter said that it was only allowed if two people shared it, as the portions were huge. I asked if it was included in the set meal and he said yes, so I found it weird that he insisted that 2 people had to share it. It was only after a while that I realized that it would require 2 set meals to order this 1 main dish, which was a weird policy in the first place and not communicated clearly enough.

We tried 6 different starters, which was pretty decent and nice, but the mains were not up to expectations. The Cod Fish was reasonably nice tasting (still, it is relatively difficult to go wrong with Cod), but the supposedly famous lamp chops were a disappointment. Meat was tough and it was not really succulent or tasty so to speak, and this was the consensus at the table.

I had the Lava Cake for dessert, and again it was bad. It was overdone and there was very little "lava" spilling out of it, and it tasted a little too bitter for my liking. The vanilla ice cream, on the other hand, was made of good quality. 

Ambiance of the place was very nice and quaint, lights were dim and romantic. Customers in the restaurant at that time were mainly Caucasians/Expats/Foreigners.

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