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Carl's Jr (Tampines)

Carl's Jr. is and American Fast Food Restaurant located at Marina Square specializes in Burgers and Sandwiches. Known for their quick-service approach, customers are delighted how fast they serve and fascinated with the freshness and juiciness of their products.

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

+65 67810095
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19 Jun 2012 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

best fast food restaurant

Carl's junior is so much more delicious and more worth it then McDonald's! at least i will feel full just having a burger at Carl's junior. if its mcd, i'll have to eat the whole meal and still feeling hungry.
Tasty burgers where you can taste the meat in them, not like mcd with you only taste bread and their sauce. they cut the burger in half when you ask them to, unlike mcd. LOVE CARL'S JUNIOR!
28 Dec 2009 • 101 reviews • 0 follower

Carl's Jr

Can't believe that such tasty burgers are made when I fast tasted Carl's Jr burger at vivocity.The burgers taste fantastic,moreover there is also freeflow of frinks,making it marvellous.The ambience is great as there are outdoor seats available for those who want to enjoy the blue skies.However,it is quite exoensive for a meal. Service is excellent and prompt too.
22 Aug 2009 • 1 review • 0 follower

Love the giant burgers and free refill of drinks!

Been to all the Carl's Jr outlets and always dream about it opening in my neighborhood. Now here it is at Tampines One! The burgers is as good as the other outlets.. Must try the Portobello Mushroom Burger ( Juicy big slices of mushrooms with melting cheese on a big beef patty ) and Dbl Western Bacon Burger ( Slices of bacon with bbq sauce and onion rings on a big beef patty ). The dining area is quite small compared to other outlets. The difference is they have comfortable couches on the left hand side for u to relax and enjoy the meal other then those seats, the other seating area looks so so. Still great value for what they offer. ( big burgers ,refill of drinks, real tasty fries, relax while u wait for the friendly staff to send you the food) Who can top that? forget MacDonald's shrinking burgers and Burger King miniature Carl's Jr alike burgers. Go for the real deal.
01 Aug 2009 • 24 reviews • 0 follower


I don't have too much expectations for a fast-food restaurant but what struck me about this place is the comfortable ambience. No harsh lights. Cosy cushion chairs. You can sit here and relax. Every table has a napkin container and the drinks are free flow, which added plus points to the experience.

The food was less than impressive though. The BBQ chicken burger was too tough and dry. BK definitely does it better. But at least the Chicken Bacon Sandwich was more juicy and passable.

So-so experience overall. Not too much to crow or complain about.