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Barbecue, Brazilian, Latin American
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Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Thu: 18:00 - 23:00

Fri: 18:00 - 23:00

Eve of PH: 18:00 - 23:00

$38 based on 4 submissions
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Carnivore Appetite symbolises celebrative feasting in one location for all occasions. It offers a great selection of grilled meats is complemented by an extensive offering of salads, cold cuts, seafood, stews and home baked breads. The menu reflects the rich regional diversity of classical and contemporary Brazilian cuisine.

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The size of the meat on those oversized skewers
The size of the meat on those oversized skewers
Appetizers, salads, condiments
Appetizers, salads, condiments
  • Escolar Fish 1 vote
  • Escolar Fish, Beef Hump 1 vote
  • Grilled fish, they allow only 3 pieces per pax 1 vote
  • pork collar and lamb shoulder with garlic and mint 1 vote

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Overall RatingBased on 4 reviews
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A good place to eat and fulfill your meat craving, slightly pricey so keep it for special occasions

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 6

Food: 4 (Taste is there and variety is pretty good especially for the first visit)
Atmosphere: 4 (The seats were well spread out and the waiters were pretty fun and attentive)
Price: 3 (Pricey, especially the price of the drinks)
Accessibility: 4 (It's easy to get to and easy to get in. As a customer, hope it never gets too crowded)

Overall: 3.75 (This is a place that there is no harm going to once or twice, and the food is pretty unique and tasty overall with a variety that will not let you down. Of course it is slightly premium at the price so you probably can save it for special occassions. Of course try to find the meat that you like when you are there after trying everything and don't hesitate to keep ordering the one you like, if there is one choice that you like, it should be worth the trip already.)

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Post Xmas Gathering

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

Went on 30 Dec'13 with my girlfriends for our post Xmas gathering. Maybe being a Monday, the restaurant was exactly crowded. The buffet spread wasn't as appetizing too! The meat on kebabs didn't look appetizing too, sadly! They were tiny pieces stuck on a big & long skewer. Replenishment wasn't fast enough too. I didn't get to try the Saffron Seafood rice as it never seemed to be replenished! As it was not packed, waiters were very attentive. In fact too quick to clear away my half eaten soup & appetizer. Dessert was a total disappointment! The mini Swiss rolls were left out too long, and only had like 2 of each flavor... The coffee was stale, totally blend & watery! Very disappointing! My first impression on the restaurant as a whole upon entering was like 'wow', seems warm & friendly. Mainly because the staff were all very warm & friendly... However I feel a little more effort could be put in to make the food a little more appetizing. I understand that it was a Monday and that a crowd wasn't to be expected.. But somehow, I feel that in a situation like this, the restaurant could have tried to make up for it by probably throwing in something nice on the house, perhaps a freshly brewed cuppa could have made our not so appealing dinner better! I will return again maybe on a weekend just to see if food wise will be better! Paid like $40/pax for a buffet... Not worth it!

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Meat Glorious Meat

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 230

What stood out for us wasthe pork collar and lamb shoulder with garlic and mint. Top these with one of the six different sauces provided although we liked the mushroom sauce best. The sides include a sautéed mushroom with rosemary, fennel and cherry tomato and a polenta mash, with corn kernel and milk. Price: Lunch Mon-Fri $23.88; Sat & Sun $29.13; Dinner Mon-Thurs $34.90, Fri-Sun $40.83

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