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Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 4

Lots of variety, truly international buffet Food is good, fresh and cook just right Good service, attentive staff Worth the money

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Carousel - diners were fighting a food war

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 615

I had their buffet dinner at Carousel some years back, pre-renovation, and when the price was significantly lower. I don't understand why while other hotels' buffet prices remain close to, say, 8 years back, Carousel's leaped by a rather giant foot. Anyway, it did not stop me from wanting to have high tea there this afternoon.    It has a rather spacious and brightly-lit interior, a contemporary and very modernistic design. There is a wide array and assortment of food from different cuisine.   After walking a few rounds to check out what was available and taking some photos, I finally collected some delicacies and returned to the table. I started with desserts since sweets cravings kicked in -  some chocolate cakes, red velvet cakes, green tea cake, orange chocolate cake and chocolate pudding - all fine and soft and sweet. The sashimi were fresh, as were the shrimps and shelled items. It was a rather good start so far.   I finally queued at the station serving Prawn Noodle soup (soup was tasty, but the noodles and vermicelli were rather tough) and Laksa (tasted quite nice but no cockles and not spicy enough). They were tiny bowls anyway, and I had asked the chef preparing them to make the portions even smaller for me.   For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:

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Gorgeous Foods for Snow Crab, Oyster, Lobster Lover

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 22

I like their snow crab, it's crab arm is biggest size and taste cold and sweet. The Oyster very fresh too, plus the lobsters. It is really value for your money. 

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SGMY Foods

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Amazing High-Tea Birthday Celebration

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

Carousel High-Tea Buffet was amazingly incredible! Not only that it is located at a highly prestigious and well-known location, at Royal Plaza on Scotts, a 5-star hotel in central Orchard, the restaurant is highly-maintained; equipped with advance facilities and is very comfortable for us to dine in. Though there is some construction and renovation going on currently, I do not think that it will impose as a distraction for us. Furthermore, I could not wait to make a reservation there after it is newly-renovated because I am very certain that it would be much more comfortable for us.

Recently, I went there to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Who would have expected to be welcomed by a complimentary birthday cake and a birthday song! Therefore, my family and I, especially my sister, had a very memorable time spent together!

There was a wide spread of international cuisine from traditional Malay Nasi Lemak and Kuih Lapis to famous Indian Roti Prata and Curry Chicken to delicious colourful Japanese Sushi. The starter comprised of fresh Seafood Platter that would make you drool for sure...

Nasi Lemak was my parents’ best dish. It was highly recommendable. It fulfilled the few requisites of a traditionally cooked Nasi Lemak; the quality, texture and flavours. The fragrance of the pandan leaves was savouring, complementing the marvellous taste of the rice. The spiciness of the sambal portrayed the mixture of delicately picked spices. The egg was well fried as well. However, it would have been better with fried chicken which was ‘absent’ on that day...

For me, the seafood platter was the best. The prawns, scallops, top shells, crab meat, basically all the seafood displayed were prepared with high skills. The freshness of the seafood was remarkably maintained and the succulent taste of the seafood served was tantalizing. The display complimented it all with the mouth-watering, tempting and colourful garnishing done.

However, the best part for my siblings was the do-it-yourself Ice Kacang where you could have an enjoyable time choosing your own toppings and enjoying your own dessert of your taste. There were a wide range of flavours and colourful toppings to be chosen from. Thus, we indeed had a totally delightful time creating our own Ice Kacang dessert!

There are actually lots more to discuss but to summarize it up, the food served were of high quality and freshness; very highly commendable from starter to main dishes to desserts.

On the whole, the service, the food, the atmosphere, basically everything was highly exceptional. Hence, I really recommend Carousel for your special events or perhaps just to fill up your empty stomach! Believe me, it will leave you with an unforgettable memory that will make you want to come back!!!

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mediocre at best

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 2
Total Review: 1

our family went there for sat high tea. i don't understand what's the rave about this place. food is mediocre. seafood isn't fresh, plenty of cooked fried stuff. the rojak section was particularly terrible. mango slices were all oxidized but the restaurant still display it. the only commendable food section was perhaps the roasted station. for the price they charge, i would be happy to pay more to go elsewhere or pay less for such mediocre food. certainly strike off from my list.

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Nice seafood and deserts!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

The snow crab is awesome and the frozen yogurt is nice! I ll also recommend BBQ shrimps(Korean style)! By the way they have a good variety deserts.

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