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Reviews for Carry On

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11 Jul 2014 • 126 reviews • 1 follower

Incredible details and thoughts put into this cafe!

24 Nov 2013 • 21 reviews • 0 follower

Fusion concepts in cafe

Nice little cafe "Carry On" has suddenly just popped up along these row of shop houses next to Chelsea lodge. It's good news for all of us as the condos along Mountbatten are all just completed and we need more places to hang out. However many other concepts have not survived along this street, so maybe this fusion bag retail shop and cafe concept will do better. It opens late on a Sunday, at 11am and does not do hot breakfast so you can only come in for hot drinks and pre bake cofectionaries and wraps and croissants. The coffee is decent although a tad too milky. But I love the cool quiet place to hangout on a Weekend morning! Wish the service some breakfast though.
24 Nov 2013 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

Bags and coffee

Another new cafe has opened in Katong area. Good to see that consumer has more choices now. This cafe has a nice ambience where I can sit down and easily relax. Will be a good option to hang out with friends or need a place to chill in the afternoon. It also sells many quirky bags with unusual design.