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Wellness but requires to tone down on sugary pastries!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 55

For a full review; please visit:http://www.epinosh.com/cedele-takashimaya-singapore/ Despite the national campaign on healthy eating, how much have you embraced the idea of eating well? Have we forgotten the way to a healthier lifestyle, given that the 24/7 is never sufficient for so many things on our mind? In pursuit of our personal goal, we often choose to give focus on things that perceptually add value and put away those that we claimed are less vital. Health belongs to the latter category that are almost always taken granted, until it signaled a series of red lights.Well, its easier to uphold policy that promotes healthy living but to breed a herd that follows the expedition is tougher than anything else. Daily, there are so many varieties to choose from. From their specialties - sourdough, rustic country, olive bread, batard, ciabatta; to wholemeal range - wholemeal bloomer or walnut and a few more. You may check out their daily bread schedule in case they are not baking what you wanted on that day. I love the pumpkin bread, oatbran & cinnamon swirl at all times. But today, I go for their sweet selection - orange & cranberry loaf and cranberry scone. The unification of a cake-bread that dish out a breadifying experience. More of a brioche, a light and fluffy texture with ultra rich butter and egg content. Plenty of dried cranberry fruits exist in every parts of this enriched bread but the orange citrus flavor is no where to identify. The sweet bread reminds of panettone without its dried mixed fruits, a tad over-sweet on the crust. Perhaps, it makes a good replacement for panettone during Christmas in four month's time? The scone is packed with cranberries that sweetened the otherwise rich buttery shortbread. I like the way the scone is tasted moist and crumbled as I took several nips. I think it makes a great afternoon treat with a pot of tea...

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Appalling standards of service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

I've been a loyal fan of Cedele for many years now, with vivid memories of their wonderfully done carrot walnut cake in my mind all the time despite having studied abroad for years. I would say that cakes at Cedele are pretty comparable to those I have had in legit restaurants back in the USA - something extremely rare considering this isn't exactly a "delicacy" that originated from Singapore.

However, during my recent trips to this branch of Cedele, I have been extremely and utterly disappointed with their service. After giving them a few chances (I returned there a few times despite the exorbitant prices) - I have finally given up on this branch. There's only one word for their standard of service - HOPELESS.

Neither of the times that I've been to Cedele had they served me water without me having to request time and time again. A few times, they forgot our orders and we had to wait more than half an hour just for a cup of coffee - the cafe wasn't even crowded. And even after the coffee arrived, the cup of water we requested long time ago was still nowhere to be seen.

During one occasion, my friend from abroad bought a few durian pancakes and had left the bag of pancakes on the table while chitchatting excitedly about a recent trip she had in Australia. We were then told very rudely by one of the plump service staff that outside food was not allowed. We apologized and immediately tied a knot on the bag containing the pancakes, then pushed it to one side to indicate that we weren't going to eat it at the cafe. However, this did not seem enough for that particular service staff as she kept giving us glares and frustrated glances the whole time.

I had ordered first, as I was eager to try their cake to see if it still tasted the same after so many years, while my friends continued to peruse the menu. During the whole time however, we felt extremely uneasy from her glares. Finally, halfway through my meal, the same service staff walked past our table and ranted very loudly to another service staff, clearly for us to hear : "I told them already!" - not forgetting to give us another frustrated glare. The scene totally reminded me of a familiar scene in primary school where kid X complained to the Prefect about what kid Y did in front of kid Y, while stomping her feet : "i tell her already lor, she don't want to listen one lor! *shrugs*" Gosh. Seriously???? Is this really a cafe? A place for chilling out? Where people can relax?

We were all extremely tensed up, not knowing what we had done wrong. I felt that I was gracious enough for not complaining about her rudeness before. And I clearly did NOT pay for service charge to be glared at throughout my meal. By that point, the enjoyment and excitement was totally drained out of me.

Finally, the other service staff came over and said to us in a slightly more polite manner that the smell from the durian pancakes was too strong, and that we should "cover it up". OH, so THAT was the problem. I promptly shoved the pancakes into my bag.

After this whole incident, I had lost my appetite totally. I called for the bill, then told my friends that they didn't have to order anything and that I was sorry for bringing them to such a horrendous place. I paid for my cake and gobbled the whole thing down and left immediately. I didn't want to stay in there a second longer.

Oh yes, not to forget, up till the moment we stood up, we were still not served our cups of water. Perhaps water is too expensive in Singapore lately?

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As round as a pancake

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 155

I recently got a facebook comment on how Cedele's pancakes were so perfectly round.

Not just a treat to the eyes, the blueberry pancakes I had were downright amazing. A generous amount of juicy blueberries were encased in a warm and pillowy pancake that was just the right thickness for easy stabbing and dousing in syrup and butter.

I kid. I used minimal syrup because the pancakes tasted wonderful on its own plus the butter was a far more superior choice of spread. It was vanilla butter and me and my friends literally ate the butter alone because it just tasted like really rich vanilla ice cream. I love that butter....It also came with a salad which confused me, because I would rather have had fruits or something, to fit the sweet theme.

My friend had the mushroom onion pancakes which I didn't really fancy because of the parsley and lack of 'pancake-ness'. It's like your chinese pancake, the jian bing. I think the sausages were nicely grilled though, and it was on the whole good enough, with the caramelised onions stealing the show. I would still go for the sweet choices though! The pancakes are $9.50 without sides.

Of course, no visit to Cedele is complete without the freshly baked bread! The cinnamon bread is addictive, not cloyingly sweet like the usual cinnamon roll but addictive with the soft bread complementing the spice. The wholemeal linseed was salty and healthy and the walnut raisin roll had whole chunks of walnut which I appreciated.

I love Cedele! Too bad I was too stuffed for Cloud 9 ice cream :(

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More than just spa food

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 253

So here the

plan goes. Facials done, naked faces and terribly blotchy red skin. Hungry from

the motionless stoning on fluffy beds. We headed down to cedele, thinking we

could give our knotted stomachs a gift of healthy chi-chi spa food.

We got more

than that.

The juices

we had to start the meal were lovely, ABC for mum and carrot apple for me. The

ABC juice an enchanting deep purple, dripping earthy flavors from the addition

of beetroot. Apparently it worked wonders for the digestive system too! (feedback

from mum who constantly suffers constipation. *yikes*)

Our mains

arrived swiftly at the table. All without cutlery placements though. That was

quickly sorted when our nearest waiter was alerted of the mistake.

Still, we

dived into our mains with much enthusiasm. The chicken, avocado, and brie

sandwich I ordered with golden pumpkin bread was entirely DIVINE. The large

slices of brie, melting off the edges from it’s brief dance with the generous

chunk of grilled chicken thigh. The speciality bread crunchy from the addition of

pumpkin seeds scattered through. This kept me thinking of my next visit to

cedele despite still battling my first sandwich.

My mum’s

orange walnut chicken salad was a refreshing change to the usual mainstay

salads often found in most cafes. Gentle nuances of orange zest with every bite

of crisp greens, complimented by the lovely crunch of toasted walnuts. This was

a keeper!


simple food, large on flavors and easy on the stomach – talk about a fantastic

after facial treat. This would be it.

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Good food, poor service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

My son and I went to Cedele at Ngee Ann City for lunch at about 2:20pm on a Sat. Seems most of the staff Cedele hires as servers/supervisors are foreign talents but with poor understanding of English. We waited 5 mins for someone to serve and the first one who took our order was a trainee (from India?) who didn't understand order well so a second was asked to help. The second, also a trainee, didn't understand the menu so I asked for the supervisor who was finally able to help. I had ordered the Christmas set and my soup came together with my son's meal after 10 mins. I asked for bread and was told they don't come with the soup. Funny, the Christmas Set mentioned soup and bread, but OK. I had to wait another 40 mins for the main to be served. By then I was more fed up than hungry. The food is decent, but the service leaves much to be desired.

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