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Cedele has closed.

Review for (Closed) Cedele (Ngee Ann City)


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Address: #B1-37, Ngee Ann City, 391 Orchard Road, 238872
22 Aug 2012 • 55 Reviews • 1 Follower

Wellness but requires to tone down on sugary pastries!


For a full review; please visit: Despite the national campaign on healthy eating, how much have you embraced the idea of eating well? Have we forgotten the way to a healthier lifestyle, given that the 24/7 is never sufficient for so many things on our mind? In pursuit of our personal goal, we often choose to give focus on things that perceptually add value and put away those that we claimed are less vital. Health belongs to the latter category that are almost always taken granted, until it signaled a series of red lights.Well, its easier to uphold policy that promotes healthy living but to breed a herd that follows the expedition is tougher than anything else. Daily, there are so many varieties to choose from. From their specialties - sourdough, rustic country, olive bread, batard, ciabatta; to wholemeal range - wholemeal bloomer or walnut and a few more. You may check out their daily bread schedule in case they are not baking what you wanted on that day. I love the pumpkin bread, oatbran & cinnamon swirl at all times. But today, I go for their sweet selection - orange & cranberry loaf and cranberry scone. The unification of a cake-bread that dish out a breadifying experience. More of a brioche, a light and fluffy texture with ultra rich butter and egg content. Plenty of dried cranberry fruits exist in every parts of this enriched bread but the orange citrus flavor is no where to identify. The sweet bread reminds of panettone without its dried mixed fruits, a tad over-sweet on the crust. Perhaps, it makes a good replacement for panettone during Christmas in four month's time? The scone is packed with cranberries that sweetened the otherwise rich buttery shortbread. I like the way the scone is tasted moist and crumbled as I took several nips. I think it makes a great afternoon treat with a pot of tea...

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golden pumpkin bread
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Dinner, Healthy Eating, Lunch, Take Away
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$8 for 1 pax
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