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Cedele has closed.

Review for (Closed) Cedele (VivoCity)


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Address: #01-23, Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, 098585
27 Jun 2010 • 116 Reviews • 2 Followers

a light dinner

was walkin' around in vivo and looking for a light dinner since i had Macs quarter pounder with cheese up-size meal for lunch (now that's a different story for another time...)

chanced upon the cedele by the corner of the cold storage. i knew it was there all along but just never popped up in my head to eat there.

decided to see if i can get a light bite. its a self service cafe. i wanted to have some scones, so i asked the lady at the counter if i could have some butter and jam with it. she said no, unless i had  the scone and drink set. Ok, why not. it was $4.80 and i could choose any tea. i had white pomegranate tea. and i also wanted to have a chocolate banana expresso cake.

so that was dinner.

the scone was nice and crumbly. it didnt really need the butter and jam as i chose the jam / almond scone which had jam inside already. but i just liked some smooth butter with my scones. they just gave me lurpak butter and apricot jam in little packets.

the tea was fragrant. a fruity kind of tea. the teabag had leaves and flowerbuds visible in it and unlike some teabags which are just tea dust. not too bad for a $4.80 set.

the cake was moist and chocolatey. not much expresso taste. but alright. personally i didnt really like the granola-like crumble on the top of the cake but i guess its there to add texture and depth to the cake.

generally, if you're going for a quick bite and drink, this place is OK. its really no frills. self service, order, fork & knife also do it yourself. (i could not find serviettes though)

the counter service could really be better though. given that its the end of the day and near closing time, maybe they are more interested in doing their cleaning up but hey, customer comes first. the service was quite curt and i would even say any hint of friendliness. i think a clinic fared better.

quick bit, no frills, not exactly cheap but budget ok la... i would go again, when i run out of ideas and want a quiet spot in the ever boisterous vivocity.

Recommended for
Brunch, Dinner, Large Groups/Gathering, Children/Family, Girls Night Out, Quiet, High Tea
Average Spend
$11 for 1 pax
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