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Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant & Bar

Latin AmericanMexicanWestern
Located in Holland Village on bong, Cha Cha Cha Mexican Restaurant & Bar serves Latin American Food.

Daily: 11:30 - 23:00

+65 64621650
$29 based on 51 submissions
Dinner (22 votes), After Work (17 votes), Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (14 votes)

Decent food. Great service

Went there on a Sunday post lunch time but they still got us seated. The service was quick. Staff was polite. Food was okay. Could be little more spicy.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • crab enchiladas4 votes
  • Nachos2 votes
  • fajitas2 votes
  • Beef and Seafoo Fajita1 vote
  • Beef stew1 vote
  • Chicken Enchilada1 vote
  • Chicken Enchilada if its bigger!1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 51 votes
18 Jan 2015 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Decent food. Great service

Went there on a Sunday post lunch time but they still got us seated. The service was quick. Staff was polite. Food was okay. Could be little more spicy.
11 Jul 2014 • 316 reviews • 86 followers

Nachos lover mixed well with beer drinking

Not many other places are generous as this place.  I have been there more than once, and also brought a friend along.

Nice beer drinking, and free a basket of nachos and together with sauce to be dipped.

I was so glad and enjoyed it very much.
27 Oct 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


Please for your own wallet's sake don't come here. I came here over a half year ago and it was decent, good I would say, but the times they are a'changin. Note: Family of 4. APPETIZER: NACHOS- A staple dish at Mexican restaurants and they managed to serve us a measly amount that would probably be enough for a family of pre-schoolers. Needless to say it disappeared in 2 minutes. Let's do the math, that's 12/2. 6 bucks per minute. Great. Oh and if you're wondering about the taste, go grab some nachos from your cupboard and shred some cheese over it and chuck it in the microwave. Probably tastes better. STUFFED JALAPENOS- Botak Jones did it better. "MAINS":My brother had the Crab meat enchilada which he said tasted like tuna and AGAIN serves for a kid. My sister had the beef enchilada also happy meal sized. I had the beef burritos which I would say was the best order simply because they really can't make a burrito any smaller than they did. The taste was so so with cold rice on the inside. Lastly the prawn tacos. The mother of scams that was included in our bill, in my opinion. The prawns were tiny and totaled to maybe 8, with 3 sad looking taco shells. For 18 dollars? Better off donating that. Really people, until a better review comes up, take my word for it and CIAO CIAO CIAO away from this place!
09 Jul 2013 • 245 reviews • 1 follower

agreeable tex-mexican

hotos and more: 

agreeable tex-mexican at this open-air restaurant in holland village. I don’t have much experience with south american or mexican food – and tex-mex is probably the closest I’ve been (since this year). while I’m pretty darn sure the food here isn’t anything fantastic, it went down easily enough.

      places like this are the bane of a food review: they have passably good food – sufficient for a mild hey-check-this-place-out-if-you’re-there recommendation, but nothing to render any enthusiasm or aggravation over; service is a little haphazardly absent, but helpful enough when you get it; and the place is done up open-air and without air-conditioning, pleasant enough for a bit of a loiter.
20 Jun 2013 • 237 reviews • 40 followers

Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong?

For the full review with pictures, visit my blog here!

My recent endeavours into Mexican food have seen some major disappointments and some other temporarily high points in my otherwise mundane life. Today I introduce to you one of my regular haunts when the Mexican cravings hit home hard. Cha Cha Cha, located at Holland Village has the benefit of it's convenient location, hence drawing in the crowds of expatriates that tend to flood into the area almost every night; however faced with direct competition from El Patio just next door, I report with much conviction that the former does a much better job of highlighting the authenticity of Mexican cuisine and at cheaper prices too!

Service is fast and friendly at this no-frills joint so don't worry about having to expend unnecessary energy getting the attention of a waitstaff. And for the famished, food arrives with a sense of urgency and piping hot to the table as well. That's two ticks right there.   We ordered the Pitcher of Lime Margarita ($40), flavors of fresh lime and a generous dosage of tequila muddled into one slushie of a drink, perfect for the warm tropics. You're, almost always, guaranteed a fun night sharing (might I add) with friends.

My Chicken Burrito ($16), essentially a flour tortilla filled with rice, topped with melted cheese and chili con carne, served with refried beans, guacamole and sour cream comes to the table with the sense and sensibility of a sumo wrestler, chubby and mean. You'd certainly do well in ordering this signature dish, the mixture of textures, flavors and contrasting temperatures of it's condiments creating a sweet dance of sensations on the palate. All was good till the refried beans which I did not fancy. Random note, avoid eating too much beans should you be on a date. These tend to make you gassy.

My friend's Beef Fajita ($21) stole the limelight with its smoking hot entrance, served on a sizzling plate accompanied with warm tortillas with a garnishing plate of lettuce, salsa mexicana, sour cream and guacamole. Hearty in flavors, but a little bit of a scrooge when it came to tortillas.    Cha Cha Cha isn't the cheapest Mexican Joint around (it also isn't the most expensive). But I like its unpretentious ambience, faultless service, and overall dependent food.