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Chabuton (313@Somerset)


Ramen lovers will get a chance to savour bowls of quality and gratifying ramen from the prestigous ramen restaurant that shaken up Japan and Thailand due to its award winning taste of ramen. Chabuton Singapore brings you the best of ramen Japan has ever produce!

Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

+65 66368335
$15 based on 12 submissions

Worth a visit for set lunch on weekdays

Read a lot of bad reviews but it turn out to be quite a pleasant place for their set lunch worth $12.30. The soup was quite flavorful and the fried oyster tasted quite nice. definitely won't visit without the set lunch cause it's not delicious enough to make me pay $13.00 and above for a bowl of ramen. For more photos & details:

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27 Oct 2014 • 8 reviews • 0 follower

Worth a visit for set lunch on weekdays

Read a lot of bad reviews but it turn out to be quite a pleasant place for their set lunch worth $12.30. The soup was quite flavorful and the fried oyster tasted quite nice. definitely won't visit without the set lunch cause it's not delicious enough to make me pay $13.00 and above for a bowl of ramen. For more photos & details:
05 Oct 2014 • 87 reviews • 0 follower

One of my top three bowls of ramen

My lunch set of Junior Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen with Hitokuchi gyoza and konnyaku jelly was mostly good – broth was rich and creamy but a tad oily and salty, thin noodles were springy and tender chashu slice had a melt-in-the-mouth texture. Skin of gyoza was thin though it was not crispy enough and the filling was nothing to rave about. Loved the sweet grape and peach jelly, a perfect end to my meal. See full review and pictures at
03 Oct 2014 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

This review is for the newly opened branch at Tampines 1

Chabuton took over the space which belonged to Ramen Kagetsu Arashi at Tampines 1. My colleagues and I went to try after receiving a flyer on a newly opened ramen shop with details of a Michelin Starred Chef printed on it.

We tried to order the lunch set as advertised on the flyer but the staff informed us that there is no lunch set this week. (then why do you put that on the flyer?) So we proceed with ordering ala carte instead. 

We realised that some of the staff from Ramen Kagetsu Arashi are now working for this Chabuton. One of them is an elder lady whom someone complained about her attitude ( forcing her own preference on customers. We too had the similar experience with her. We tried to order a particular ramen, but she kept insisting that the other ramen is nicer and less oily. I wonder if she brought the same attitude to this new company.

The ramen tasted normal, no 'omph', no 'wow'.. In fact it tasted like the ramen from Rame Kagetsu Arashi. I wonder if the kitchen staff are all the same? I thot I saw some Michelin Starred Chef's name on the flyer? He is even "King of Ramen", surely they can do better than this?

Anyway, the ramen was a great disappointment. Service was no better... We were seated near the cashier so we saw what happened there. An elderly lady tried to use a voucher for her meal. The cashier explained that she cannot use it for some reason. Of course the elderly lady tried to talk her way through and also to get the cashier to explain the logic behind the voucher. A crowd built up while this was happening. The cashier or other staff did not bother to get the elderly lady aside to explain and then to serve the other customers who are in the queue to make payment. In my opinion, they're very disorganised. Thumbs down. 

I dont think i will ever go there again.. 
02 Oct 2014 • 145 reviews • 3 followers

Michelin stars that failed to shine

For full review, please visit

While we are on the relentless search for the best ramen in Singapore, it is an undisputed statement that we think that among those tried thus far, we unanimously conclude that Sanpoutei offers one of the best offerings (if not the best) in town. Will the arrival of the award-winning Chabuton ramen claim the title trophy of the best ramen in Singapore?

Deemed the 'King of Ramen', Chabuton is the brainchild of Yasuji Morizumi, who started his career as a French chef in the 80s, drawing inspiration from the French and Italian fine dining restaurants in Japan. With a goal to consistently surprise and entertain his guests, he wanted to impart such elements into Japanese culinary which he felt was lacking at that point in time. Having established a successful career in French cuisine, Chef Yasuji wanted to explore the depth and complexities of ramen, reinventing the once fast-food dish into a speciality.

Having opened a restaurant, 'MIST' in Hong Kong, which won two Michelin stars in 2011 and 2012, it was the first ever Michelin star won by any ramen restaurant worldwide. Chef Yasuji went on to expand his restaurants outside Japan to Thailand and LA.

Junior Tonkotsu Ramen | S$8.30/++
What I really appreciated was that the ramens come in two different portions with the larger serving at S$11.90/++. Reputedly Chabuton's signature dish, the Tonkotsu Ramen has a rich and slightly creamy broth, resulting from hours of simmering pork bones. While the roasted white sesame seeds enhanced the flavours of the broth, it was too salty for our liking. With just one slice of the char siew resting atop the noodles, it would seem more value for money to go for the larger portion where you get three slices. The char siew was good with a nice marbling but there was nothing too spectacular to make us go wow.

Interestingly, there were containers of condiments at each table, of which, one contained deep-fried sliced shallots, a very Chinese touch to the ramen but one which added fragrance and crunch to the dish. Not the most traditional rendition when it comes to ramen but surely a positive twist.

Junior Shio Ramen with Kara Kara topping | S$8.30/++ with S$1 add-on
The kara kara topping which is the spicy minced pork was recommended as one of the house's favourites by the service crew. If you are a fan of ma-la (麻辣) dishes, then you would find this largely reminiscent of its flavours. Mildly spicy, this would suit the heat tolerance level for most people but personally, I found the taste to be out-of-sync with the rich savoury broth.
24 Sep 2014 • 29 reviews • 0 follower

Definitely not Michelin Star level

For more photos and reviews, click here:

Not one of the best ramen places around after all the recent surge of authentic ramen stores in Singapore recent years, especially by a Michelin Star chef!   In Orchard area, there're quite a handful of ramen stores around this price as well.   It was touted as, "The ingredients used at Chabuton Singapore are directly imported from Japan or produced by local companies appointed by the Japanese team. The recipes used at Chabuton Singapore are the same as the other Chabuton outlets in Japan and Thailand, supervised by eminent chef, Mr. Yasuji Morizumi, the first ramen chef to ever receive a Michelin Star... While 14 outlets have sprung up in Thailand over the past four years" Hence we were attracted to try it out first hand. There was no queue, which I'd have expected.   Service Servers were friendly but perhaps they were new, some staff seemed unsure.   Food

We opted for the hard noodles. which is quite tasty. The Miso Ramen ($12.40) is the nicer one, than Chabuton Tonkotsu Ramen ($11.90). However, both soups get boring after a while. 

You get to choose between 2 different sizes, junior and standard, but we both felt the standard size is actually better for a meal. The junior size is quite price-friendly though. If you don't opt for the top-up ($3 for boiled egg and extra cha siu) the ramen is, also, very boring by itself.  

Overall, I wouldn't return here for ramen. There's many other options around town and Singapore, do follow my blog!