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Review for Chabuton (313@Somerset)


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11 Jul 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Beware of hair in your ramen/ Poor & bias service!

We have a few negative feedback for this restaurant. I decided to go for a try after reading an article on Yahoo Singapore but it proves to be a disappointment.  

1) 3 Waitresses with long hair who are not tied up serving food. You must lookout for the possibility of spotting hair strands in your bowl of noodles. Not to mention the invisible hair dusts which might accidentally dropped onto the food.

2) Our table does not have condiments placed on the table. We requested twice for them but our request was not carried out. 

3) The gyoza has little ingredients.  Please refer to the attached photo.

4) The waitresses were very attentive to a table beside us, they kept asking for feedback and ensuring that their food were served. We suspect that the patron is a food blogger and therefore extra attention were given. Although our table was next to them, they did not even noticed that our table does not have condiments to go with the gyoza served on our table. 

  • Incredibly thin gyoza
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