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Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant has relocated.


18C Dempsey Road, 249677
Asian, Korean
+65 64739005

Daily: 12:00 - 15:00

Daily: 18:00 - 22:00

$57 based on 35 submissions
Dinner (16 votes), Large Groups/Gathering (11 votes), Children/Family (7 votes) ...

Fomerly located at 18C Dempsey Road, Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant has since relocated to a new and better location at Loewen Rd, also within the Dempsey precint. They continue to serve high quality authentic Korean food at its best.

 At Chang, they strive to provide you with choices: their specially-designed menu includes organic and vegetarian food to satisfy the taste buds of the health-conscious souls.

What others are eating here

Sashimi Salad
Sashimi Salad
Pumpkin with beef bulgogi
Pumpkin with beef bulgogi
Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Marinated Prime Rib
Marinated Prime Rib
  • Marinated Beef 3 votes
  • Galbi-Jeogsaik 2 votes
  • Bibimbap 1 vote
  • Preserved kimchi stew with pork 1 vote
  • Pumpkin with beef bulgogi 1 vote
  • Sashimi Salad 1 vote
  • Seafood and mushroom soup 1 vote
  • wagu beef 1 vote

Latest Review for Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant

Overall RatingBased on 33 reviews
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Nice Korean Food at Dempsey!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

This is a Korean restaurant located at Dempsey. They are located in the same block as, and is locate directly behind Huber’s Butchery.


I have driven past this restaurant several times, and I popped it recently for lunch. Its hot, and the air-conditioned restaurant is a welcome respite from the heat outside. They also have an outdoor alfresco area, which will be good for evenings, to have BBQ while enjoying the evening breeze and watching the world go by.


Here are the highlights of my meal:

- Preserved kimchi stew with pork: This is a soupy stew, which is made with aged kimchi. Aged kimchi is more mellow and a deeper flavour which is present in the soup. Younger kimchi which is usually served as a side dish is crunchier and sharper taste. The soup tastes good and I went for second helpings. The ingredients – tofu, pork and kimchi were good.


- Sashimi Salad: This is special, where fresh beef is cut into strips. This dish also had pear cut into strips. It looked like radish. Its topped with an egg yolk tableside and the manager mixed all the ingredients together. The first taste was ‘wow’. Its really tasty and yummy. The beef has to be really fresh for it to be served raw. Recommended for beef lovers and those who like something unique!


- Pumpkin with beef bulgogi: This was unique. The beef bulgogi was cooked and placed into a whole pumpkin. At the table side, the pumpkin was cut into quarters and it resembled an open flower. Beef is well marinated and cooked and goes perfectly with the pumpkin. Lovely.


It’s a good first outing to this restaurant, and I will be back again to try out their grilled meats next time.


Best thing about the restaurant is that parking is free, which is rare in Singapore. 

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Weird sequence....

Total Reviews: 5

I wonder why the (positive) review by Jane Kim in 2012 is right on top while the recent (mostly negative) reviews by most of us are below. This is misleading people who come to hungry go where for honest opinions.....

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Bad service

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 5

I've been to Chang nearly once every week since my first visit slightly more than a month back. I like the convenience of its location and the variety of dishes on the menu. However, service has been disappointing on a few occasions and today will be my last ever visit. I had dinner alone at the restaurant today. I was early and the restaurant is not considered crowded. However after I finished my dinner and paid my bill, I was expecting the cold pumpkin tea that they always serve at the end of the meal. The guy who brought me my bill did not send the tea. I asked him if I will get a tea and he signaled to his colleague. Another guy came and asked me what I want. I said the tea and he brought me a hot cup of tea. I said not the hot tea but the tea after meal. I asked do you still serve that and he went "oh the pumpkin tea? We don't serve the water melon anymore..." He then went off to pick up a pot on the floor and signaled to a female waitress to bring the cold pumpkin tea. I do not understand why the same guy who brought hot tea cannot bring the pumpkin tea.  The female waitress looked uninterested and didn't bring the tea. Then the head waitress (Korea lady) walked past and I asked her about the tea again. Nothing happened. Then I asked another guy. At this point, I really felt irritated and insulted. I am a customer not a beggar and I only asked for the tea because that is what they have served at the end of every meal for my weekly visit in more than a month. The restaurant was not at its most crowded state. I do not understand why they were behaving like that so I got off the seat and stormed towards the exit. During this time, a waiter then shouted at me from the far end of the room that he is bringing the tea. This is too late. They have already created a very unpleasant experience for me. This is not the right way to treat a customer.

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