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Review for Chao Yue Xuan Seafood Restaurant (潮悦轩)


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Address: #01-51/54, UE Square, 207 River Valley Road, 238275
05 May 2014 • 67 Reviews • 2 Followers

Seafood Dinner

Tonight the family has dinner at this restaurant. As the indoor aircon dining area is full, we are seated in 2 tables in non aircon area under the row of fans. Quite cooling.

We start the meal with Cold Crabs. Special cutlery is provided. It is full of roe. Goes quite well with the vinegar dip. Not quite the dish for me as I do not like to use my bare hands.

Next we have the Peking Duck. The sliced skin is served wrapped in crepes, with cucumber and spring onion served on the side. Remember to spread some of the sweet sauce on the crepe and add some cucumber and spring onion before eating. Tastes not bad, but would like the skin to be crispier.

Next is a plate of stir fried greens which I feel is abit too oily but still quite crunchy.

For soup, we are served invidual serving of shark's fin with bean sprouts and coriander on the side. Barely tastes any of the shark's fin.

Next we have one of the signature dishes which is the Steamed Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic. Have a bit of problems when deciding which cutlery to use as there is fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks. In end uses fork and knife. Like it that there is glass noodle which soaks up the clam's flavours.

Next we have Steamed Cod which is quite juicy with barely any bones.

This is followed with Braised Duck with Cabbage and Bamboo Shoot. Looks spicy and doe not tastes spicy. The vegetable is very flavourful and well braised.

Next is the Stir Fried Lobster with Garlic. Simple but the meat tends to stick onto the shells.  

Spinach in Stocks looks like a simple and healthy dish with its assorted mushrooms, carrots and minced pork. Letdown by the funny taste of the canned mushrooms.

Next is the Fried Ee Fu Mian which is simple with some vegetables, but a funny sandy texture.

For dessert, we have

Green Bean Soup with Kelp
Quite unique with the small pieces of seaweed in this dessert.

Yam Paste
Not bad, but seeds are not removed from the gingko nuts found in the dessert.

Also have a serving of Steamed Chicken for takeaway as we have ordered a bit too much and cannot finish the meal. The chicken tastes quite juicy and goes quite well with the minced garlic sauce that served with it.

Overall food is not bad. Service is great with plates changed often and tea refilled often. There valet parking available too, so one does not have to waste time to find parking lot.
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