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Review for Chao Yue Xuan Seafood Restaurant


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22 Aug 2013 • 253 Reviews • 1 Follower

Superb Lobster & Abalone Lunch @ Chao Yue Xuan on 21Aug2013

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this was a superb 8-course set at chao yue xuan and for just S$38 + S$2.50++pax for peanuts, tea & towels.    in terms of quality of ingredients & taste, it was quite superior to the value lobster set i had there previously.  i would say it was equal even better than the fine dining lobster & abalone set at xin cuisine.   the 5 of us were there at 1pm on 21.8.2013, the restaurant was 1/2 full & we had a table at a private corner.   the starter was a shredded chicken in sesame salad. it was good, tasty & the helping was rather large.   next we had star garoupa fillet with beer in hot stone pot (the ala carte price for this dish alone was S$28++), & it was very good, very tasty & the fish fillet were excellent.    the braised whole yoshihama abalone was top quality, excellent in taste & bite & it came with 花胶(fishmaw) & brocoli.   the 1/2 baked lobster (top photo) was again par excellence, very very tasty with the superior soup.   same with the pan-fried kurobuta pork chop.  i thought it looked & tasted like a galbi beef rib cut served in majestic restaurant but the menu said kurobuta. anyhow taste was great!   the poached vegetable with beancurd skin was also very good. i supposed by comparison the ee-fu noodles was ordinary, but it was still a good, not poor, dish.   & the snow fungus with date dessert was refreshing & enjoyable too…really every item was good & i can only sing praises – such excellent ingredients & preparation for soup, lobster, abalone & kurobuta. actually i think it was an incredible deal at S$38 + S$2.50++pax= about S$41nett. i have already bought more vouchers to go back!
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Children/Family, Dinner, Lunch
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$41 for 1 pax
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