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Review for Charlie & Co.


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26 Jan 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Terrible, do not try.

I went for a quick meal around 5pm, there wasn't a lot of customers so I have no problem with serving speed.

I ordered their classic burger, when I took a bite I realize the whole patty was overcooked. Overcooked to the extent half of it was burnt, yet it was still served to me.

The fries were overdone as well, it was obvious they either refried it, or left it way too long in the deep fryer.

The worst part, there was someone who I assume is related to the owner, walked into the kitchen (which was in full view), without washing her hands, starts picking some food to eat (hopefully not the ones they would serve). The person was not in uniform and does not seem to be on shift, without a cap or hair tied, struts around in the kitchen, and no hand washing before touching anything in the kitchen.

All in all, unprofessional, lack of effort in food preparation, major hygiene issue.
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