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Review for Charlie & Co.


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Address: #B4-56, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 238801
18 Apr 2014 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

Exceeds Expectations, Good Burger

I really enjoyed my burger here, I found this place the second week I moved to Singapore and found it to be a good substitute for home.  I went there 3 times that week, but Then I started getting a belly so I need to curb it to once a week...oops.

the burgers are pretty tasty.  I've had the classic, the Charlie (loaded), and the southwestern.  The classic has been my favorite by far. The Charlie has a little too much going on in my opinion, but is definitely worth a try. The southwestern was very good and had a nice spice to it, but nothing beats a classic cheese burger.

the burgers are cooked well-done, i typically get mine medium rare.  With that said, your ordering a burger in a food village, so I didn't have the expectation for a perfectly cooked burger.  The quality ingredients and good taste was good for me. 

The he place is clean and has the ambiance of an old style diner.  You place your order at the counter and then they ring you when it's available and you pick it up.  That's how these diners worked in the past.  Occasionally they bring the food out if it's really busy, which is a nice touch.  No other restaurant in the food village brings the food to you, so this place should not get negative reviews for following the same.

Other neat things, they have a loyalty card. Every 10 burgers you get a free order of fries.  They also give out really nice napkins, which may sound odd if you're new to Singapore. most food village restaurants don't provide napkins at all.

the fries are pretty good, but priced a little high.  You get an excessive amount of fries though. I think the standard sea salt fries at $4 and can easily be shared between 2 people. They have some premium variations too, but I haven't tried those.

they also have a student deal, a breakfast combo, and a happy hour combo all in the $10-$14 range.  The price a standard burger is $10.  It's a little high compared to what I am used to in US, but I recognize I'm not there and will pay the money to get a taste from home.

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