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Peter Heather
 • 29 Mar 2014 1 review 0 follower
Needed a non Mc fix so happened upon this place. Not clear when I came in if it was table service or counter offer which should be improved and that was one star off.  From there on though was really good. Staff friendly even when no red wine available I was offered to try a new beer that would complement the burger better than my first choice. It did.  Delivery was within 7 minutes which was good. Staff smiling through out my visit I was asked directly how my burger was. Maccas doesn't do that. Fries were perfect. Burger was as per is description- simple good char cooked burger with salad blue cheese and condiments. Bun was not too sweet which was a pleasant surprise for Singapore. Other notables are an uncluttered service desk and premium napkins. Sounds silly but becomes important with burger eating. Service may be slowed by not having table service plus front counter at busy lunch times so I expect an impact there on the rating unless they adapt to that. There is nothing more frustrating watching a bottle neck before you.  Not experienced on this visit which I  expect will be weekly by me from now on.

I spent $24 per person.

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