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Back to Checkers BrasserieHilton Hotel Singapore, 581 Orchard Road
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The Hungry Bunny
 • 03 Jan 2014 573 reviews 21 followers
Rarely do I give full marks for a restaurant, let alone a buffet one, but Hilton's Checkers Brasserie's newly launched Sunday Champagne Brunch is just THAT mindblowingly awesome.

The buffet selection here may be considered limited, but just about everything was delicious and above-par. 

While the first brunch here as based on an invited tasting, I returned for an incognito revisit, as per S.O.P. of all invited tastings, and found brunch ($80++ without alcohol but inclusive of smoothies, juices and coffee and tea) to be consistent, excellent and thoroughly satisfying. We ate extremely well and were so stuffed, we were still full the next day. In a way, Sunday brunch at the Hilton can be considered extremely value-for-money, because it invariably ends up being 3-meals-in-1! 

 The star of the brunch has got to be the Egg Specialties, a curated selection of eggs done 6 uniquely different ways, spanning the world from the east to the west, and through the ages from the classics to the modern. These are all prepared ala minute for maximum freshness and perfect textures. Best of all, these are unlimited so you can eat until your shirt buttons pop. 

 My favourite, if I had to pick (and trust me, this is a hard one), is the Modern, a free range egg cooked at 45 degrees and served atop a velvety chanterelle mushroom gravy.

A close second is the French, a poached egg set in a hollowed out toasted muffin with a foie gras and truffle laced hollandaise.

Rounding off the top 3 is the American which pairs applewood-smoked bacon with eggs sizzling on a hot plate with melted cheese. Simple but delicious.

The rest are the Italian, with juicy tangy pomodoro baked in a skillet pan with an egg; Japanese: rice-centric, with a perfectly grilled unagi and slow-cooked soft-boiled egg; and English, with eggs overeasy in a Wagyu corned beef hash.

There's also a small selection of main dishes here, also cooked only upon order and served right to you, The best of the lot at the tasting was the Beef Bourguignon, a couple of cheeks braised till fork-tender in red wine sauce and served with truffle polenta, bacon, mushrooms and onions.

A close runner up was the Foie Gras Dumplings with shimeiji mushrooms and asparagus was a surprise hit, because it was so light.

Another big hit was the Beef Burger, with a thick slab of juicy minced beef tongue and coulommier cheese.

If you're a fan of Mod-Sin cuisine, don't miss the Lobster Singapore, a luxed up version of our local chilli crab, where the sweetness of the eggy sauce belied how spicy it actually was.

For sweets, there are 3 desserts cooked ala minute, and the rest are for your picking at the buffet table. We couldn't quite decide which was the best, the Crepes with nutella, the Blueberry Pancakes with blueberry compote lined inside the chewy cakes, or the Belgian Waffles, with berries and a drizzling of chocolate sauce.

For the full review because the original is too long, please see
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 • 14 Dec 2013 319 reviews 54 followers
Full Checkers Brasserie review here:

Located at the lobby of Hilton Hotel Singapore, Checkers Brasserie hosts a weekly Sunday Brunch Buffet designed around freshly prepared-to-order dishes at live cooking stations. With a revamped menu revolving around a selection of Eggs Specialties and Gourmet Bites, which can be ordered an unlimited number of times, Checkers Brasserie hopes to allow diners more time to mingle and socialise instead of waiting for food from the buffet line.

Ambience at Checkers Brasserie evokes the rustic, countryside feel, with wooden panelling and summer colours. Layout is spacious, with the glass panels at the side letting in natural light and framing the greenery of the garden outside. While ambient light is sufficient, I noticed the corners of Checkers Brasserie tends to be darker. The main showpiece is the well thought out display of the buffet spread, laid out in logical sequence.

Service at Checkers Brasserie is efficient, friendly, and professional. Staff seem more than happy to assist, and orders don't take too long to fulfill. Finished plates are cleared quickly. I noticed that most of the senior staff are very familiar with the food and drinks available, though not everyone in the rank and file is able to answer queries.

The Eggs Specialties are the highlight on the Sunday Brunch Buffet menu at Checkers Brasserie, with a choice of 6 different styles of eggs, prepared in international styles. You don't have to wait at the counter, just place your order and staff will serve it to your table when ready. You can order as many rounds of the Eggs Specialities as you wish.

The Modern style eggs are served in a mini cauldron, with a free range egg precisely cooked at 45 degrees celsius, on a bed of savoury chanterelle mushrooms and mushroom gravy. This was quite a stand out dish for me, really excellent combinaion of flavours. Pair this with crisp bread for maximum satisfaction.

The Beef Bourguignon consists of tender, slow braised beef cheeks on a bed of bacon, mushrooms, onions, and truffle oil infused polenta, with a red wine sauce. I felt this was probably the best of the Gourmet Bites, just loved the tender meat and aromatic flavour profile of the dish.

Checkers Brasserie Sunday Brunch Buffet is only available on Sunday from 11.45am - 3pm. Items on this menu can be specially ordered ala-carte on other days. Prices start at SGD $80 per person, for a free flow of the regular buffet, Eggs Specialities, Gourmet Bites and smoothies / water / juices / coffee / tea. For free flow of wines or cocktails, add additional SGD $18. The luxurious Champagne Brunch starts at SGD $128.
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I spent $100 per person.

I added 7 photos

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SG Food on Foot
 • 21 Jul 2013 205 reviews 20 followers
Checkers Brasserie launches the all new A La Carte Sunday Brunch concept for diners to spend more time mingling and less time waiting at the buffet line or live stations.

The exciting new concept features a selection of gourmet bites and eggs specialties that one can order as many rounds of at his/her table. In addition to the a la carte selection, diners can still delight in the buffet spread of antipasti, charcuterie, seafood on ice, cheeses and desserts while waiting for the order to be served.

We started with the Berry Berry and Spicy Banana Smoothies while we browsed through the exciting new ala carte menu deciding what to order. After placing our ala carte order,  we went around the restaurant to check out the buffet spread.

After making our round checking out the buffet spread, we were back at our table just in time for the eggs specialties. Going beyond the usual scrambled, sunny side up, over easy and benedict, six eggs specialties namely Modern, French, Italian, American, Japanese and English are introduced. We only tried the Japanese and French eggs specialties.

The Japanese Eggs Specialties comes with slow cooked soft boiled egg with unagi and rice. Love the the new concept. It is like have the best of both world. I got a taste of Japanese cuisine as well as my egg for breakfast.

For the French Egg Specialties, it comes with poached egg, pancake and foie gras laced with truffle halladaise. A lovely combination of flavours and textures.

Moving on to the gourmet bites, there are 8 different dishes to choose from. Each portion is sightly smaller than an entree so that diners can enjoy as many orders of bites at the brunch. We tried 6 out of 8 gourmet bites from the a la carte menu.

The Baby Lobster Thermidor was cooked perfectly and packed with beautiful flavours. The cheese and the succulent lobster combination was heavenly and addictive.

When I was browsing the menu, the Foie Gras Dumplings was the first to catch my attention. The flat shaped dumplings did not look appertising but the lovely foie gras flavour simply burst and filled the whole mouth upon biting into it.

The Pan Seared Scallops with English peas espuma, chorizo and peppers were big and juicy. The scallop itself was already beautiful, the peas espuma was not really necessary for me.

The succulent Wagyu Beef was lightly seasoned to enjoy the fullest of the flavourful meat. Served with potato rosti, greens and red wine sauce, it was a delish dish that I will be happy to clean off.

This is probably our favourite among the gourmet bites we tried. The Broiled Chilean Sea Bass was tender, moist and buttery. Complemented with crispy noodles and salad, this is a must order.

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