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Poached Eggs and Foie Gras laced with Truffle Hollandaise, Beet Root Salmon, California maki, Cheese cake, Crabmeat Salad, Design your own sandwiches, Foie Gras de Canard Et Aux Pomme, Parma Ham with Rock- melon, Slow Cooked Soft Boiled Egg with Unagi and Rice, Steamed cod, Wagyu Beef Tongue Burger with Coulommiers Cheese, green tea loaf, lemon cake, poached mackerel, rock oysters and tempura, sashimi, slow-cooked soft boiled egg with unagi, teriyaki, turkey burger View all
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Ever-evolving buffet menu or if you like poached eggs

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 230

The pillow menu at the Hilton hotels isn’t the only menu we’d plant our faces into. Though Checkers Brasserie still keeps its dated green and coral parquet floors, and its buffet menu continues to evolve: no buffet spread is the same on any day of the week - from Thai- to Mediterranean-themed weekday lunch buffets, to the Fridays-only seafood buffet and the a la carte Sunday champagne (Lois Roederer) brunch - it’s always an adventure for the palates. On weekdays, it’s a small variety of quality but fresh seafood, a medium-sized cold cuts selection, and nicely cooked roast meats. Egg lovers will want to save up for the Sunday brunch and have the eggs with wagyu corned beef hash, or the slow-cooked soft boiled egg with unagi, or both. For more buffet reviews, click here*gid-033e3101/photos/#b0c60100

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Good Japanese Buffet

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 40

I had the Saturday japanese buffet and it was quite good.  The sushi bar have a chef that will make whatever sushi/maki you like.

The teppanyaki is a hit or miss affair depending on which chef is cooking.  But the seafood is very fresh.

Hot noodle (udon) section is average.

Other precooked food (tempura, salad bar etc) are quite good and regularly replenished.  

Desserts are good too!


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Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 5

What was notable about the buffet was the dessert selection. It was very, very impressive! Do try the Hilton Cheese Cake, which they are famous for. Very delicious! It gets snatched up pretty quickly, but the chefs replenish the cakes on a regular basis. There were of course the Japanese dessert selection, green tea everything! Green tea mousse, green tea ice-cream, green tea bread loaf. I especially liked the green tea ice-cream with green tea loaf. The bread is light and fluffy, and the ice cream - well made without the powdery taste of green tea. Highly recommended!

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Japanese Buffet saved by Western Desserts

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 87

This restaurant offers a different buffet each night. We have decided to try the Japaense buffet on Wednesday nights at $42++. They also do a deluxe Japanese buffet on Saturday at a higher price with more food variety and free flow sake.

There were actually decent selection of Japanese food but the quality varied.

The sashimi included salmon, tuna, sword fish, squid (ika) and octopus (tako). They were of course not premium selection. The wasabi turned out to be rather strong and that suitably covered some of the deficiency the seafood.

Sushi included the tamago, salmon, ebi and anagi. I only tried the anagi which was so so. The California maki tasted quite good actually, generously coated with fish roe.

Other cold appetisers included things like seaweed, spinach with bonito flakes (quite authentic), squid in spicy sauce, salad selection with non Japanese dressing.

There were tako balls. The Charwanmushi was likely to be the most pale and empty looking one I have ever seen. There seemed to be nothing inside except egg.

Tempura was quite passable. There were prawns, lotus roots, lady fingers and fish. There was also deep fried shishamo.

The mackerel poached in dark soy sauce was something new to me and it tasted quite good. The stir fried beef in yakiniku sauce did not fare as well because the beef left on hot plates eventually became too well done. The sauce was decent.

Teriyaki chicken looked like black soy chicken to me. It was neither fried nor grilled. Rather looked and tasted like poached in the sauce. Again it was over done after being left on a hot plate for too long.

There was a noodle station with cold soba and hot ramen in pork broth. One can choose between miso based or soy based broth. I chose the miso ramen. The noodle was reasonably chewy. There were interesting condiment. The soup base was not tasty enough. A friend of mine condemned it with reference to the popular Tampopo ramen. The positive side was that it was not as salty (to me) as the Tampopo ramen.

Being an international hotel chain, the dessert selection was impressive. There was the famed Hilton cheese cake and various other sinful delights, some with a Japanese twist. There was green tea ice cream, green tea mousse and green tea loaf. I quite like the green tea loaf which was like a butter cake robustly flavoured with green tea powder. There was also a simple lemon cake which tasted quite good.

There was free flow green tea and water and the buffet came with tea and coffee at the end. As it was in the evening, I asked for decaffeinated coffee. It turned out to be the least coffee like decaffeinated coffee I have ever tasted. Perhaps it was meant to taste like that as it was supposed to be decaffeinated. Perhaps I should have just given it a miss.

By the way, service was attentive and courteous as you would expect in an international hotel chain. The place was half full on a Wednesday evening, so the ambience was quite nice and peaceful.

Overall it was a decent dining experience with some hits and misses among the food items.

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It's Herbs & Spice on Monday

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 64

I'm not a buffet person, unless you're talking about Ma La Steamboat, but well, that's beside the point here. A friend of mine is currently working at Hilton and she can get 50% off the bill for buffet at the hotel, so dinner was arranged before I go on my short trip during X'mas.

What comes to our mind when we think of the words Herbs & Spice? Bingo! It's Italian herbs and India spice. The typical salad counters with the usual greens, mushrooms salad and thai mango salad. Indian counter that serve different kinds of curries, naans, pratas. Italian counter comes with lasagne, lamb pasta, sea bass fillet with herbs and orange sauce, stuffed chicken. Roasts Counter with roast beef and roast turkey. Strangely there's small corner that serve sashimi and satay and chinese herbal soup. Desserts counter was pretty decent; with petite pastries like macaroons, tarts and chocolate fudge cakes, there're also x'mas log cake and the hotel's famous cheesecakes.

Wine Buffet at $30 per pax

Buffet at $37 per pax

I got to enjoy all above at 50% off *wink*

Service was very good, even for their trainee. The Indian counter chef was really friendly, he specially made a cheese naan and send it to my table.

***Overall a nice dinner with friends, food quality were ok but I prefer the dessert counter most. Do note that Checkers Brasserie served different theme buffet everyday; do give them a call before heading down.

PS: I wouldn't recommend going for the wine buffet though. Opps :x

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Seafood buffet: Thumbs down

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 22

The restaurant has a different theme everyday, and on Friday, it is seafood night.

Very disappointing.

Well if you like your seafood cold, rather than chinese style (ala chilli crab), then maybe you may like it. I didnt. There were prawns, crayfish, mini lobsters and oysters, served cold and also BBQ style. But other than that the spread was just limited and non impressive. There was laksa and prawn mee as well, but the laksa was watery and the prawn mee soup was salty, and well short of the standards.

And there was 3 plates of keropok, and chinese har kau on the main spread. I mean.... how low can the quality get?

Dessert selection was poor as well. just some cheescake, pastries, jellies etc.

Maybe I was expecting too much, but for $52 per head, I think I should! Poor and not going back.

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