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Asian, Cantonese, Chinese
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$95 based on 18 submissions
Dinner (5 votes), Quiet (5 votes), Fine Dining (4 votes) ...

This restaurant is named for its chef not only because he helms the kitchen, but also because it's his personal collection of antiques and artworks that decorates the sumptuous restaurant. The regularly changing menu features his classics like crispy roast chicken, as well as new and delicately prepared dishes.

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Semi private hall
Semi private hall
Steamed pork dumpling and deep fried prawn in pumpkin sauce
Steamed pork dumpling and deep fried prawn in pumpkin sauce
Braised minced fish in thick soup
Braised minced fish in thick soup
Deep fried spare ribs in vinegar sauce
Deep fried spare ribs in vinegar sauce
Sauteed seasonal vegetables with minced garlic
Sauteed seasonal vegetables with minced garlic
Chilled hawthorn jelly
Chilled hawthorn jelly
  • Beef 2 votes
  • Chef Chan's famous roast chicken 1 vote
  • Chef Chan’s Famous Crispy Roast Chicken 1 vote
  • and he recommended their beer baked Alaskan crabs on next visit. 1 vote
  • roast chicken and SHARKSFIN 1 vote

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Nice Set Dinner @ Chef Chan’s Restaurant on 22Oct2014

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 389

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my 2 close buddies organised an early birthday dinner at chef chan's for me & for my wife on 22.10.2014. :-)

i looked up the menu. & picked the S$80 for 2pax 5-course menu (above photo), which looked about alright. :-)

chef chan’s restaurant was located at national museum. nice colonial building with nicely furnished & decorated interior.

#1 deep fried belly pork with fermented bean curd was quite an excellent dish. deep fried pumpkin with pork floss was pretty good too. it’s a bit like variation of deep-fried egg plant with pork floss which i liked too.

#2 braised compoy thick soup with 4 treasures was very average though, not tasty enough. i was expecting a much better soup at chef chain’s since 1 of his 3 signatures (三绝) was a soup. the ah yat abalone seafood soup was way better & most of tunglok & imperial treasures lie tong (例汤) would be better than this.

the #3 steamed cod with preserved olive vegetables & black beans was good. the flavours were excellent.

#4 the signature chef chain’s famous crispy roast chicken. the skin was crispy & chicken breast was moist & sweet (a test of whether chicken was good, quite a few restaurants turned out dry roast chicken).

the #5 fried rice with seafood wrapped in lotus leaf was also a tasty dish & had a lot of diced prawns etc.

my wife liked the #6 doubled boiled pear & aloe vera with red dates served chilled. it was light, refreshing, not too sweet.

my friend brought an apple millecrepe from classic cakes. it was good. initially i felt it was not as smooth & creamy as the one at lady M. but actually with the apples, there was a bit more bulk & the combination tasted better, c/w with eating what felt like all cream.

looked like there were only 2 tables for this evening. our neighbour was a well dressed couple about our age & they joined in singing happy birthday. the husband quipped that the children were away & no one reminded him to buy cake. so we offered to rent him our cake for the photos..haha just kidding! :-)anyway we got the restaurant to serve them 2 slices of the millecrepe. the restaurant followed up with a longevity bun (寿桃) with a candle & my friend took the photos for them.  very commendable service!:-)

overall, it was an enjoyable evening with my wife & close friends over a nice quite dinner & nice ambience. food was mostly above average, maybe not so refine as majestic & tunglok, and cheap & tasty as imperial treasure.

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Terribly food, and way overpriced

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 4

Getting from bad to worse these days, especially after the original chef sold the restaurant. We went on the dinner of the 4th day of lunar new year, opting for the $130 per head set menu. The abalone was too salty, the sharks fin soup has a strong stench from what probably feels like frozen crab meat, the beef dish suffered from being overdosed by tenderizer, the coconut gratings on the niangao dessert was too salty, even the signature roast chicken was unevenly marinated that parts of it were too salty.... Overall very disappointing meal, especially when priced to be a premium Chinese restaurant. I have been the same restaurant since good 20 years, it has completely lost its mojo, and food is probably even worse than a coffeeshop sze char

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Good food and impeccable service

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 88

While Chef Chan Chen Hei has left the restaurant now helmed by his discipline, there was nothing I could fault on both the food and service. See full review and pictures at Was recommended its set menus but decided to go for à la carte dishes instead. Appetiser was two pieces of deep-fried suckling pig, its thin skin crispy and not hard, stuffed with succulent shrimp paste. On the side of this dish was crunchy, sweet and tangy jelly fish with a tinge of spice on an orange slice. Next was another delicate balance of taste and texture. Loved how the minced ginger, neither too spicy nor overwhelming, accentuated the freshness and sweetness of steamed local lobster sitting atop vermicelli perfect for soaking everything up. Last but not least was Chef Chan’s famous crispy roast chicken, an exemplification of how something seemingly simple could taste so good. The paper-thin skin was crackling-crispy with moist and tender meat good enough on its own though I found the accompanying salt hard to resist. 

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