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Priscilia Low
 • 11 Aug 2014 1 review 0 follower
We hv booked a table for 12pax. Wen we reached e shop, found out tat e seatings were splitted into 2 tables, for 6pax per table and seems very crampy in e entire shop. The service of e staffs there r bad, as they showed attitude to customers, wen questions are asked n seems quite relunctant to serve customers, although there's service charge in e bill..e staffs r standing around, while idling n gossiping among themselves, which make us feel very uncomfortable, wif e glances n stares from them.
Dear management, we seek your attention to look into e service rendered from your staffs @ this branch, as e whole lot behaves in tis manner. It will jus resulted in one-time patronise customers, if tis kind of service continues. We pay for e meal, nt to be there to be discrimate by your staffs.

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