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Review for Chez Petit Salut @ MBFC


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18 Dec 2013 • 43 Reviews • 16 Followers

Well done!

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I never knew about this restaurant that is situated right below my office on the first floor (lift lobby). It’s located along the same row as dr. CAFE COFFEE, somewhere in the middle. The signboard is small and reflective, as you can see. If not for my colleagues, I never would have known that this restaurant even exists!

We were seated right at the back of the restaurant. The staff promptly cleared the 4th set of cutley (it was just 3 of us) and set the decoration pieces nicely in front of me how’s that for ensuring the most perfect ambience?

It was a great lunch – although I wasn’t really stuffed to the brim, the quality and taste of the food plus fantastic service was sufficient to warrant a high rating from us. Their servers were polite, professional and spoke very well. When the bread rolls were out late, the server came to us right away to inform us that we had to wait a while. And our warm water was topped up very promptly twice.
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