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Tuck in a quiet corner.....

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
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Have tried most of the reasonable good jap restaurant in town, hence decide to go east today with friend. Read reviews of others and set to try this place Good food and service. Took the spring set menu (a bold choice) and overall experience was excellent. They replaced some of the dish which ran out as well as stuff which I could not take due to health. Well a free hot sake to go with. Importantly the sashimi was marvelous though the wagyu beef hotpot was so-so. With that I may come back for the omakase.

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Total Disappointment!

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 4
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Went to the Tanjong Katong outlet in March 2013. We each ordered a set dinner. I order the Chikusen Course A which was the most costly on the menu, about SGD60. My wife went for something lighter, A scallop on shell set(Dinner set no.08 ,Yasai Itame and Hotate Mentaiko) which costs about SGD25.

It was a total mistake. I went to the outlet having read the reviews which said how great the food was. I believed them and how wrong was I.

I must admit I have high expectations, especially when I ordered a set meal at SGD60. First, the appetizer, the carrot/celery/radish sticks which comes with a dip sauce. Nothing much you can go wrong here, but what if there is a small fly in it? Ok, I am very forgiving and i decided not to hold it against the restaurant. I guess normal people would have asked the staff over right away to examine the dead fly, However, when your kind staff asked me why didnt I finish the sticks(she was about to clear them away) and I explained that those were the sticks that the fly had touched, she offered to change a new set for me, and insisted despite me saying that it was ok.

Chikusen Course A:

The 3 piece sushi was pathetic. The serving was small, the fish wasnt fresh. I can put 3 pieces into my mouth all at once. Mind you I have a normal size mouth and I am not a glutton. I weigh only 53kg!

The appetizer, consisting of 2 pieces of tamago, some wakame and some baby octopus. Simply pathetic that I thought they ordered them from sakae sushi.

Salmon soup, not fragrant, very salty. Scales all over the salmon meat. How to eat?

6 pieces Sashimi platter, very very small pieces, pathetic. Not fresh at all. Again, even Umi sushi can do better than you all.

Clam soup, clear soup which looks like clams in boiled plain water. Only that the soup did have the slightest hint of clam taste. And there are only 3 Clams inside the bowl. Very generous indeed. 3 pieces. One for me, one for my wife, the other for my dog ah?

Yasai Itame and Hotate Mentaiko:

The hotate was very small. Low grade stuff. I BBQ entire BIG scallops myself and this kind of substandard hotate really turns me off. Chikusen stirs frys some mini scallops with some salty sauce and dump them on an ugly shell. Your chef has no pride at all.

The gohan(rice) that comes with the set. May I ask what kind of rice you use? some low grade thai rice? It tastes exactly like that. Not even calrose rice or short grain rice.

The yasai.. eeewwww.... poor selection and quality of yasai. Yasai means "wild vegetables" seriously there is nothing "wild" in your yasai. I can get a fried vege dish at a kopitiam zichar and it can taste better.

The only good thing is your service staff, the chinese lady, believed to be singaporean or malaysian, who was very polite and offered to change the vege sticks appetizers.

Food wise, epic fail. EPIC FAIL.

My total damage? around $110 including taxes and svc charge. Your total damage? Reputation obliteration.

Dear foodie friends, stay away from the Tanjong Katong outlet.

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This place has closed down

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No longer opened. Replaced by a steamboat restaurant

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Spring is here, enjoy the Spring menu!

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

Its Spring season, and Chikusen has lined up a special Spring menu that features the best produce the season has to

offer. I was there recently and here are the highlights of my meal:

Rape Blossom (Nanohana) with Soya Sauce Dashi: Fresh shoots topped with soya sauce. Light appetiser to start the meal. 

Grilled Fresh Bamboo shoot: Air-flown from Japan, this was lightly grilled. Crunchy and yummy.

Sashimi – Bonito, Halfbeak (Soyori) and Bream (Tai): You get two pieces of sashimi for each type of fish and the Soyori was my personal favorite.

Braised Rockfish (Mebaru)with Foie Gras, mushroom & fresh bamboo shoot: A whole rockfish braised to perfection. The bamboo shoot that was grilled earlier is also in this dish, but braised this time round. It was good to be able to taste the seasonal bamboo shoot done two ways. 

Sukiyaki Wagyu Beef with mushrooms, tofu and vegetables: Served in a mini hot pot, you can cook the beef to your desired done-ness and then dip it quickly into the egg (by the side) to cool it down and straight to your mouth. The sauce cooking the beef is sweet and imparts a great taste. Great!


Noodle - Yaki Somen with spring onions: This dish was surprise. It looked plain, with green onions as a topping. However, when you start tucking in, it was flavourful, as the chef has sauteed the somen with dashi flavored with bonito flakes. Yummy! 

Dessert - Plum (Ume) Jelly: The tangy taste of the lemon sauce over the ume jelly complemented each other and gave a deeper dimension to the dessert.

While we were there, we couldn't resist ordering the Signature Chikusen Roll topped with Mentaiko and ebi roe. One word to describe this: Divine!

To go with our meal, we also had cold sake. They have a range of sake that will you can choose from to suit your taste buds.


The Chikusen Spring menu is for a limited period only and offers good value for the amount you pay.

Visit it before its over!

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Affordable price and nice ambient

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Went with some colleagues for lunch recently and was pleasantly surprised by the affordable pricing and good value of their set lunches.
Food came fast but might have been because the restaurant was quiet when we were there, only our table of four and another one table of 2.

I had the Tonkatsu Ramen set which costs $12. The soup base is rich and portion is quite generous with several slices of charshu and one egg.
I also tried the salmon and ikura don which is salmon sashimi and roe on rice. It had crunchy bits of topping (not sure what it is) and salmon was fresh. Costs $16 for the set which came served with appetizer and dessert. Not bad and value for money. Will go back again.

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