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Review for Chikusen Japanese Restaurant


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25 Mar 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Great neighbourhood Japanese Fare

I am a regular at Chikusen so when the staff asked if I could write a review, I agreed. I stay around the area and therefore dine here often. Find the food pretty decent and atmosphere is nice.   Some of my favourite dishes there include 1)      Kaki Ponzu – The oysters are always plump and fresh and served with a light refreshing sauce 2)      Kinoko Tofu – This is their housemade tofu with mushrooms – very very smooth and delicious 3)      Cod fish with mentaiko – love cod fish and they do it well, grilling it just nicely and the mentaiko sauce tastes really good with the oily fish 4)      Sashimi – I sometimes ask the staff to recommend as they have seasonal specials. Seasonal items recommended by staff can be pricey so check the price before you order. 5)      Yaki somen – just plain somen with some spring onions but satisfying and surprisingly good. Try it only if you like spring onions 6)      Tuna Eye – This might put some people off but if you dare to take fish eye, the combination of grilled fat, meat and collagen is totally addictive
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