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Review for Chikusen Japanese Restaurant


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Address: 309/311 Tanjong Katong Road, 437092
02 May 2014 • 519 Reviews • 4 Followers

Spring is here, enjoy the Spring menu!


Its Spring season, and Chikusen has lined up a special Spring menu that features the best produce the season has to

offer. I was there recently and here are the highlights of my meal:

Rape Blossom (Nanohana) with Soya Sauce Dashi: Fresh shoots topped with soya sauce. Light appetiser to start the meal. 

Grilled Fresh Bamboo shoot: Air-flown from Japan, this was lightly grilled. Crunchy and yummy.

Sashimi – Bonito, Halfbeak (Soyori) and Bream (Tai): You get two pieces of sashimi for each type of fish and the Soyori was my personal favorite.

Braised Rockfish (Mebaru)with Foie Gras, mushroom & fresh bamboo shoot: A whole rockfish braised to perfection. The bamboo shoot that was grilled earlier is also in this dish, but braised this time round. It was good to be able to taste the seasonal bamboo shoot done two ways. 

Sukiyaki Wagyu Beef with mushrooms, tofu and vegetables: Served in a mini hot pot, you can cook the beef to your desired done-ness and then dip it quickly into the egg (by the side) to cool it down and straight to your mouth. The sauce cooking the beef is sweet and imparts a great taste. Great!


Noodle - Yaki Somen with spring onions: This dish was surprise. It looked plain, with green onions as a topping. However, when you start tucking in, it was flavourful, as the chef has sauteed the somen with dashi flavored with bonito flakes. Yummy! 

Dessert - Plum (Ume) Jelly: The tangy taste of the lemon sauce over the ume jelly complemented each other and gave a deeper dimension to the dessert.

While we were there, we couldn't resist ordering the Signature Chikusen Roll topped with Mentaiko and ebi roe. One word to describe this: Divine!

To go with our meal, we also had cold sake. They have a range of sake that will you can choose from to suit your taste buds.


The Chikusen Spring menu is for a limited period only and offers good value for the amount you pay.

Visit it before its over!

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