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Oysters & Chirashi Don @ Chikuwatei on 17Jun2014

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 381

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my daughter & jh bought dinner as return treat for my wife & i ‘lombang’ aka enjoyed collateral benefits. 
they suggested chikuwatei, and now thinking back the last time i went there was 3yrs+ ago. these few days i had been thinking of going to chikuwatei again so the time was most fitting.
not sure if there was any change of ownership but the service was very much better. the lady taking charge at the front counter, showing us to the table, gave good recommendations and was not pushy. the oysters she recommended were excellent. when she was clearing the dishes at the end of the meal she tipped over my wife’s sake cup. later she came back with a full cup of sake. i guess we could have reasonably asked for that too but we did not, & did not really expect it. 
we ordered 4 chirashi don for 4pax, 2 servings of oysters (4 oysters), teriyaki chicken & a 250ml house sake (S$16).
i was much looking forward for the chirashi don as i had not taken here for so long. in fact i was slightly disappointed. the helpings were just as large – 5 slices of salmon, 3 maguro, 3 kajiki, 2 hamachi & 2 tamago (egg), with a heap of ikura. rice was good, ok not the best. the salmon was not so sweet (2 of the 5 were sweeter). i thought what the salmon sashimi i had at sun with moon wheelock as a S$3 side dish for 3 pieces were better! the kajiki & maguro were also not very sweet, the hamachi was a bit sweeter. the ikura added a slightly salty, flavourful touch to the vinegared rice.
i guessed overall it was not too bad but a bit underwhelming for me & kind of below what i expected. if i were having just sashimi, the S$20 chirashi don lunch set i had recently at ginza kuroson was a lot better quality, but that was lunch. if i wanted combination then the sets at sun with moon would be more attractive than this.
must add though that the oysters were quite large & excellent, juicy, tasty with no metallic taste, very enjoyable. the teriyaki chicken was good too, though not really food i would order.
probably won’t come here too soon unless there are some other specials or promotions.    

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Go for the sashimi, and the service

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 230

I had heard so much about their value chirashi set ($25) but was deterred by talks of rude and impersonal service. The service was better than the chirashi. Attentive and friendly, the entire menu was explained to us and recommendations were made. They were quick to clear away our plates and we did feel very spoiled by attention. The chirashi is good, not outstanding. Really good value with its thick cut sashimi and fish to rice ratio. The chawanmushi was excellent and my partner enjoyed his tempura maki and chicken set. The menu has a lot of variety and there is something for everyone. If you don't know what to order, look for Doris - she will sort you out.

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Lousy and food was burnt , smells fishy

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

I left comments on Chikuwa Tei's Facebook page. But apparently the restaurant wasn't MAN ENOUGH to accept criticisms. They deleted my comments, the pictures I have posted on their FB page. So what you see are all very good comments and praises about the restaurant.

We went there on Saturday evening at 06:15 p.m. The restaurant is small, and not fully packed. This wasn't our first visit as we used to reside nearby. I think if the staff recognised us, they would know we are regulars but I don't think we are going back ever for the rest of our life.

We ordered:
1. Geso Karaage (see picture)
This... really is my first time looking at a burnt geso karaage. It taste like it was fried in poor quality oil, it was dry and hard, and it left a very unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth. It wasn't fresh either.

2. Dobin Mushi
Dobin Mushi. Seafood broth is used for dobin mushi and like Chinese double-boiled soup, it is steamed for a very very long time. This was tasteless... (other than the lemon we squeeze into the little teapot). A good dobin mushi should taste a little sweet from the seafood (and preferably with matsutake) and a little sour from the lime. This has none.

3. Mentaiko
Mentaiko. This is also my first time... seeing MENTAIKO like this (all mentaiko I had is cut, but still displayed to look like the original roe - before it is cut - not cubes). It taste like it was just taken out of the freezer (yes, ice crystals in the mentaiko).

4. Chirashi Don
Chirashi Don. It looks better than it taste. The only thing that I am happy with in this bowl - ikura. The rest of the sashimi in this chirashi was stale except the salmon. If you have deep pockets, go to Matsuo Sushi... try their sashimi and go to Chikuwa Tei - HUGE DIFFERENCE. The sashimi wasn't cut very well and it was difficult to bite. 
 AND TO ADD ON, the fish wasn't fresh.
 Maguro - it was a dark maroon, and it was stale. It didn't taste like it's a maguro... though it looks like one... tasteless.
 The light pink one on bottom left - this was the most difficult to bite... and it 'leaks' fishy juice when I sink my teeth into the sashimi 
 Bottom right - this is the most disgusting sashimi I ever had in my entire life. It wasn't fresh, and was the most foul smelling sashimi I ever had. 
 PS: Ironically, this chirashi don is supposed to be their SIGNATURE DISH. Signature, indeed.

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good value

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 2143

It seems like these days it is difficult to find places that serve fine food that would accept kids - and so after many phone calls to restaurants we ended up settling at Chikuwa Tei.

A simple setting, we started with the Tori Karrage ($8), fried chicken - parts of it over done, followed by the Chawanmushi ($5), which is quite silky smooth with good egg content.

I then tried the Ankimo ($14). The monkfish liver was tasty, and the portion was really generous too.

I ordered the mentaiko but the wait staff mistook the order and served the Gindara Mentaiko ($22) instead. Chilean seabass was the fish and it was much firmer than the usual fatty cod.

The steal of the day though had to be the Chirashi Sushi ($25). At this price point, there were generous portions of tuna, salmon, swordfish and yellowtail that could make a meal by itself.

Overall, portions were generous. Service was average. Think of Chikuwa Tei as a no frills Japanese dining destination.

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YAY!! It's still around!!! WOOHOO :)

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 4

Yep. Thats right :) Old WASABI TEI is back in business...Me and Wifey really missed this place a lot when the infamous "Nazi" chef decided to close its business. Yep pple may dread the horrible service, the long queue wait, the crampy uncomfortable high seats, the "no 2nd order if not 20% extra surcharge" + "no talk too loud or put too many items on table" rules...but mind you all these are GONE GONE GONE.....LEAVING THE BEST OF ALL...FOOD QUALITY STILL TOP NOTCH!! YEAH :P (Surprise too, overbearing Nazi turned out to be a friendly joker too)

But seriously, me & wifey were quite sad when we got news that the old Wasabi Tei changed hands abt late last year. We did curiously drop by the new Wasabi Tei once, but after seeing no queue + so many unfavourable reviews on HGW...sigh...heartbreak.

Fate works wonder when early this week Wifey bumps onto the previous Nazi chef auntie on bus, and like the sun that shined brightly after the rain that flooded Orchard Road, we got news of this new establishment Chikuwa Tei.

Mai Tu Liao, quickly Onz appt with wifey and we went down with joyous expectations of fresh, succulent, THICK & JUICY sashimi. Our expectations were WELL EXCEEDED to our relief...those who are aware of the legendary Moriawase (sorry if i spell wrongly) + Chirashi Set....WOOHOO YEAH BABY!!!

We went down yesterday evening for dinner. Peter the Friendly Chef (shd stop calling him Nazi) chatted w us and informed that due to the Orchard Road flooding, business was a bit quiet. But on usual days, things are much better. He agreed that this new location at MS (along the stretch last time got samsara one, oops reveal age liao) has lesser pple flow, and most of his customers still old regulars from Far East (like us). Peter also shared that pressure is higher, cos Far East outlet close one eye can cover rental & quite chor, hence he asks us for our understanding for the increase in food prices of those items. Yep, items are more expensive now as compared to old Wasabi Tei (somemore w GST & service charge), but if you seriously match w other Jap restaurants in SG, for the food QUALITY you are getting, the pricing is still relatively reasonable.

The entire atmosphere of the place is cosy, comfortable, peaceful. Can really see a lot has been put in for the renovations as well as the cutlery items etc. In a way, I am quite glad for Peter cos if I was him, I may be also super pek chek with working everyday in a small crampy Far East outlet (hence the no service then) and envisaging a nicer place like now Chikuwa Tei.

I am guessing the previous auntie was on Off Shift yesterday. The place is still served by several other waitresses (abt 4 more, dunt worry no black face one, friendly and prompt) w an additional chef in the back kitchen. Peter still handles the sashimi counter located in the middle of the restaurant.

Me & Wifey ordered 1 x Chirashi Set (Sushi variety & quality no horse run), 1 x Sashimi Moriawase for 2 (Sushi variety & quality & Thickness also no horse run, w nicer decorative plate), 1 x Unagi sushi (the only place where the entire unagi cover OVER the sushi rice), 1 x California handroll (to know a Jap place standard, just eat the simple basic california handrolll, really refreshing and fillings all the way to the end of seeweed cone).

We will DEFINITELY be visiting this place regularly but perhaps not as frequently as compared to last time Wasabi Tei (hahaha have to watch pocket leh). But surely everytime visit sure will WHACK Shiok Shiok one hahahaha. Me no affliation with Peter whatsoever, just doing my part as a HGW commenter to recommend good food as well a Pay-It-Forward gesture for Chikuwa Tei's EXCELLENT QUALITY FOOD & SERVICE.

I just hope i dunt have to one day start queuing outside Chikuwa for 40mins before getting a seat :P 

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Profit driven and not service oriented

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service N/A
Total Review: 1

Had a disappointing experience dining at Chikuwa Tei. Was there for dinner on 9th April 2016 with my family. Ordered 2 bottles of Asahi beer and when they came, one bottle tasted distinctly flat from the other bottle and had a funny sourish aftertaste. I requested for a replacement glass and a middle aged, relatively friendly waitress told me she just poured the beer from a brand new bottle and it couldn't have been spoiled. I told her that the beer definitely tasted off and got ask for a replacement. The beer was replaced and it was all good. However when I got the bill they charged me for the replacement beer. I questioned her about the bill and she said she pour the beer fresh from the bottle and it couldn't have been spoiled. I have no idea what kind of reason that is. The beer could have been oddly stored in the wrong condition or bottle cap was loose to start off with. Bottom line being I paid for a bad beer that I didn't consume. It wasnt expensive but it's infuriating that you make a customer paid for something undrinkable.
 Food wise it's ok. But I will never return to this restaurant ever again. And I won't recommend anyone to this restaurant too because even if they had excellent food, the last thing anyone need is a bad experience.

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