The owners of Choo Choo Chicken are big fans of fried chicken. The idea of opening Korean-style fried chicken started when they visited Korea in 2013. They fell in love with Korean-style fried chicken. They loved the chicken that is so tender and moist inside while crispy outside. There are so many variations of fried chicken with different sauces and all taste so well. So, they decided to bring authentic Korean-style fried chicken recipes back to Singapore. Their chef is a Korean lady who is very passionate about her food and she has been in the F&B industry for the last 5 years.


The owners also knew that Korean food culture is pairing fried chicken with beer, so they also brought in some Korean beer too.

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텐더하고 치킨 맛있어요

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Theder salad & 간장 치킨 맛있어요. 먹어본 치킨중에서 베스트네요~♥ 직원분들도 다들 친절하시고 깔끔하네요! 참치버거랑 츄츄라이스도 맛있었어요~♡ 담에 친구들이랑 또 갈게요 !! 츄츄치킨 짱 !!

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Great Korean Chicken

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 95

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Choo Choo chicken offers up some of the best korean fried chicken around. It's quite a bit more expensive than 4fingers, and is somewhere around the range of Chir Chir, but the quality is definitely there. I'm definitely glad I checked it out. Worth a visit, multiple visits even. Great place, will definitely return.

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Staff is unbelievely rude

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service N/A
Total Review: 1

Today I visited to choo choo chicken with my colleagues. Two of the colleagues are regular customers of this shop and they recommended going there for birthday celebration. We are in 5 persons.

A female staff from choo choo chicken warmly welcomes us by telling us to sit separately since she couldn't provide the tables for 5 persons. However she helped us to accommodate in one single table lastly.

It’s our first visit to the shop and we are not quite familiar with the menu. When this staff is taking the food order, instead of serving the customers and recommending what to order, she acts very impatiently. I know that she is the only one person who serving the whole restaurant and she is quite busy. But isn’t her duty to serve the customers?

When she is delivering the foods, we were treated incredibly rudely. We are feeling like she just throwing all the dishes onto the table. There is disposable plastic glove at most of Korean chicken shop. We asked is there disposable plastic glove, she impatiently answered “We don’t have it, go and wash your hand.” The tone that she uses and the behaviors of hers made us really uncomfortable to have our lunch.  After we washed the hand and take some tissues from the counter, she yelled at my colleague again not to take the tissues. She was gone too far. She really ruined our happy day to be a very bad day.  We did not expect our day to full with anxiety and upset.

Management should know that how customer service is a constant concern in food and beverage industry.   As I mentioned earlier, two of us are choo choo’s royal customer. But because of her incredibly rude behavior today and bad experience, they will not go back to shop in the future. Can we say that loosing of repeat business from 5 customers is not the big issue? No one can predict that will it becoming 50 customers. Customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator in the business. If the business is not giving the expected satisfaction to the customers, will it expect the customers to come back and make repeat visits? I hope management is considering the accident seriously that we encountered today and take the action to prevent not to happen again in the future.

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